More Analysis (No pictures)

I wrote this up for a forum I belong to, but it's too much good information not to share.  It's mostly the same as the last post, but more boiled down with a bit more informatin "by the numbers".  I don't have time to edit it or add in photos, but I thought I'd put it here- even if I'm the only one that reads it, it'll be good to have.  I'm not sure why my numbers of trips came out slightly different, but I'm not going back through and counting again.  I did this before I did the 5000 word write up.


Year in Review: 5000 words about 20-7-TEEN

Time for the year in review.  I fished 129 trips according to my logs, 113 night trips, with 142 times at different spots (having spent time at multiple spots on the same night).  I hope my math works out with what I wrote below, but I just carefully counted now and these numbers are the most accurate.  I can’t exactly tabulate the hours, but I would guess that’s well over 600 hours, not counting driving.  I put 18,000 miles on my car.  I caught 470 stripers (round number, weird), 9 blue fish, and 1 porgy.  Sounds like a lot, but I would put 2017 firmly in the “failure” season category.  Click read more below to see the full post…


November: Lots of Fish; None of them Big. Last trip of the season, December 1.

Let's wrap up the season, finally.

Going into the first few days of November, I knocked it cleanly out of the park.  Yes, I didn't catch the fish I was looking for.  I didn't land a single fish over 20lbs the entire month of November.  But, for me, November is a real toss up month where I fish.  Last year it was an absolute bust.  The year before, it was not bad.  Year before that, bust.  You get the picture.


End of October: A critical Month Part III

50 in one night.  30 in another.  Peanut blitzes.  Adult Shad.  Still: nothing over 20lbs.  That about sums it up!  Unfortunately my computer died, so that's why I'm writing this in December.  The good news is I'll try and put in posts through the new year summing up my fishing into December.  But yeah, it's December 5th, and I'm done!


Middle of October: A Critical Month Part II

As usual, I'm behind in blogging.  I'm on a "break" from being an adult- I decided to wait a bit to look for a job, live on my savings (with the most supportive wife ever), and fish my ass off.  As of writing this (October 26) I have only missed 3 nights in the entire month of October.  It hasn't been great, but I've caught a bunch of schoolies and small keepers.  Read on!


October Full Moon: A Critical Month Part I

Robins first keeper of the night
The beginning of October, and a Full Moon.  Prime time.  For me, it often yields one of the biggest fish of the year.  Last year I had two fish over 30lbs during a single tide, and one I’m calling 40lbs even though I didn’t have a boga.  It was over 45”, likely something like 47".  So what about this year?  I’ll cover the period from October 1 to October 9 in this post, and next week I’ll do another on the middle part of the month.


Before I get in October, let's talk about September!

Without further detail, I'll let this drop: I am currently without a job.  This has been a trying time in my life, and it's lead to both more and less fishing.  More because I have more time, less because I suddenly find my life on it's head and I have had trouble getting myself out of the house at times.  Add in a dying fishery, and motivation has waxed and waned.

That being said, September was boom and bust....


Photography Finalist...and I didn't know it!

Too late to vote, but my photo I submitted to the Orvis September 20 Days competition was chosen out of the hundreds of photos as a top 10 finalist.  How cool is that?  I'm still waiting to see if I placed in the top 3 and if so I win a prize- first place is a really nice Helios fly rod.  Voting closed today, and I just found out I was even selected!  Still going to post because I'm pretty proud.  My photo is the striped bass, and I was the only salt water finalist.



Film Coming Winter 2018

A season in the New England Surf
Full Film Coming Winter 2018


Summer Doldrums x 1000

I haven't been keeping up.  I haven't been fishing much- maybe 15 trips in the last 30 days.  I rolled the dice and used up much of my vacation time, favor time, and away from wife time during the "60 days" in May and June.  So, when July rolled around and HUGE fish pushed through the canal, and likely some of my spots, I just couldn't be out there.  I had family obligations, friend obligations, work obligations, etc.

But worse than that, I've had a lot of personal stuff going on in my life that has prevented me from getting out.  I'm so exhausted, so run down, I can't fish the night tides.  It's been hell.  It's been the worst couple months in a VERY long time.


Personal Best- 5lb small mouth on fly!

I spent the weekend on a lake in Maine with Carly.  We had a fantastic time.  And I slayed the bass on my 6WT fly rod.  I had 4 large mouth over 4lbs, 2 small mouths over 2lbs, and this monster at over 5lbs.  We saw eagles, loons, osprey, otters, and loads of other wildlife.  It was a fantastic trip.