Latest Article is Out: Fishing a "Micro-Inlet"

Check out my latest article out now in The Fisherman.


A Plug 30 at Spot X: Part 1

This will be a multi-part series based on my real experiences.  While this could be an article, this will be exclusive to the blog.  I will be writing it for my "non-fishing friends" as well as those that regularly follow the blog.

A 50lb striped bass is the ultimate goal for me.  But, unlike many anglers, I am not willing to "do whatever it takes" to catch it.  I don't fish bait, because I don't like the idea of killing something just for fun.  Also, I don't fish breachways or inlets because I don't really like it.  And fishing is just for fun.  So for the past five (OK OK I did fish eels a few times last year out of desperation which I regret) seasons I've been a plug-only fisherman using lures to try and catch my quarry.

It's hard.  Harder then using bait, that is undeniable.  And as I detail my experiences in this blog, I think you will see that.

But that's OK.  I like hard.

So I continue to hunt my 50lb fish with plastic and wood imitations of living creatures.

Wait.  Before I get ahead of myself.


A Week for Running Around, Minimal Success

I know I keep getting really far behind, but in the next few weeks I'll be posting 3 parts of a 4 part series about a big goal I've set for myself.  The 4th week hasn't happened yet, so that will come in September. Stay tuned for that, and announcements of new articles coming out in September!

This week I fished a pretty diverse set of conditions and locations- spread all over a range of almost 200 miles as the car drives and probably 100 as the crow flies, and probably 1000 of shore line!  From boulders to sand to cliff fishing, I did it all. It wasn't superb, but I did get some fish.  More details below.


Cover Photo

I am happy to announce it is my photo on the cover of this months special edition of Surfcasters Journal.  I also have a full length article (my 5th for SCJ), and am featured among other anglers in another piece.  Truly honored and humbled.  Please subscribe to the magazine if you haven't already!


A Pond, with Fish

I found a pond with some bass in it.  I can bike to it.  No one fishes it.  I'm having some fun in the evenings.  3" sluggos and Heddon Spooks and Poppers.  5ft ultralight, 6lb test braid.  20 minutes each night between sunset and dark yields me 2-8 bass between 1/2 and 3lbs.  Is there bigger in there?  Probably.  Still waiting...


57 Fish in a Week, The Hard Way, and The Easy Way

This week was pretty serious in terms of numbers and size.  I only fished 4 nights, but I went all in and I didn't sleep much.  What a "tale of two spots".  One I fly fished for serious numbers...dozens...but nothing huge.  The other, only really solid fish, with 7 between 26 and 30 pounds!

But those big fish don't count.  Or rather, they don't count as much to me as the fly rod schoolies. Why?  Take a guess based on the picture above...and then read below...


Micro Sluggo Fun

I spent this weekend in Maine fishing for bass.  I usually fly fish, but I decided to pick up a micro rod and reel and go back to spin fishing for this trip.  I bought a Shimano Sienna FE 1000 and a Sojourn rod 1-3lb rated (5ft).  I love them both and I am SHOCKED at how good the Sienna is for $30.  I had ZERO tangles all weekend with 4lb test.  That's a first for me with a tiny rod and light lures like this.  Very impressed.

 I then was walking around Kittery Trading Post and saw that they sold 3" sluggos.  I was overwhelmed with excitement.  I got some size 1 offset worm hooks- the smallest they had- and I left feeling more excited about catching bass then I had in years.  The results?  Astounding!

More pictures and details, click below.


A tale of two spots- Challenge vs. Comfort

This will be last weeks and this weeks report, a string of 8 days, as I'm done with the surf until next week.  However, I want to discuss learning a new spot, and how fun and also frustrating it can be.  I'll use examples from two vastly different areas that I'm learning- one I've been fishing for a couple years and understand, and the other which is totally new this year and utterly baffling.

Let's start with comparison, and I'll end with the report.


Two week Wrap up- First Trip to the Vineyard- First Morning at the Canal

Phew.  It's been a slog/marathon the last couple weeks.  Yeah, I've had fish but it's been a struggle at times for sure, and I haven't nailed anything over 20 now for over 2 weeks.  But it's been fun.  Here's the report!


Two Weeks of Roller Coaster Fishing

The last two weeks have been very frustrating.  The persistent problem of non-consistency continues to haunt me- but there's been some tragedy too.  Lot's of lost fish.  Still, the worst thing I'm facing is the same I've been facing for 3 seasons now- the fish are here one day, and gone the next, and I have to really move around a lot to find them- and spend a lot of time fishing fora limited number of shots.  BUT, but, I shouldn't complain, because last week was definitely decent.  Read on for details!


Last week opens BIG...dwindles...but still looking good!

Last week started with a true trophy fish, and then rounded out with schoolies- read on for details!


Mid-week Fly Fishing

Took a walk.  Fished for about 40 minutes.  Caught some fish.  It was harder work for these fish than I had planned on- lots of roll casts from my knees in heavy brush.  But it was a nice weather day, and freshwater fishing with the fly rod is so relaxing.  Spring is here; it'll be gone in a couple weeks.  The bass are still on their beds, but they are catch-able.  Get out there.