Happy Holidays From Treble and Bass!

Wishing everyone a happy Solstice and all the best in the New Year.  Be safe, and let's all pray for an early spring!


2015, Year in Review

I said I'd get out 1-4 more times this year.  It isn't going to happen.  I rolled my ankle really bad and was in the hospital getting X-rays two weeks ago.  Nothings broken, but it's definitely ended my season- walking in sand is just not an option right now (and I'm not going to go fish off a pier- ain't my style).  There was definitely a moment when I thought I had ended my spring season- it was really bad- but it's doing much better now, and I should be operational again by the New Year.
So that's it.  Look for a few posts over the next couple months on the gear I use.  I've had lots of questions about exactly what it is I carry and how I use it.  I'm not an expert at all, but I am happy to simply share what I do currently.  It changes often as I try to constantly streamline and perfect what I use, but I feel I'm at a solid base of gear.

But before any of that, let's look back quickly at the last year.
My 2015 statistics:


Winding Down. 5 Trip Re-cap

Tough week.  Here's the re-cap.  It might be over for me...here's hoping that's not true.



Quick note: I haven't stopped fishing, I just haven't had time to post.  Had someone contact me and ask if I was done- the answer is NO.  I have been skunked the last week(s) but I'm not giving up. 

However, I had some stuff going on last week, then got sick, then had to travel for work, and now I'm still sick (barely able to crawl my butt to work), and then I have family coming this weekend.  So my late season fishing was just significantly decreased- only got out a few times last week, and none over the weekend.  I hope to get out next week at couple times and the weekend after Thanksgiving I'd like to make it out twice.  After that, it's up in the air.

More complete reports soon.


The Saltwater Edge, Middletown, RI

I have never done something like this before, so I'm sorry if it offends or insults anyone.  I receive nothing from these guys, I'm not sponsored or anything by anyone.  However, I've had really great experiences with the guys at The Saltwaters Edge in Middletown, RI.  I feel I need to share.  This is a review I left for them online:


Can I hear that fat lady warming up?

The fat lady ain't singing yet, but she's warming up I think.  Water temperature and bait situations are both great, but looking at the forecast, we're in for some serious wind conditions.  I think this could help in the short term, and hurt in the long term.  We'll see, and I'll be giving it a go at least 2x a week until Dec 4 anyways!
Any-who, a quick summary of 2 weekends nights because I don’t have much time to write.


Summers here!

Last night it was 63 degrees at 23:00!  I fished in long sleeves and no surf top IN NOVEMBER!  WHAT!?!?!  I was HOT walking to my spot!  SWEATING!  HOW!?!?!

And the fish are still here.  I didn't convert, but I visited one of my favorite spots last night.  Things seemed good on conditions- and I found a shit ton of bait.  Around 8:45 I had a CRUSHING hit, some mad head shakes, and then POP- nothing.  The sluggo came back, all f'd up, with a straightened hook.  That's the first time ever for me.  I don't know what happened, I feel totally embarrassed to keep losing fish!!!

Was it a 40lb fish?  Hell no.  But it wasn't 30" either!  Motivating if nothing else.

Other than that, I had a couple other short strikes on a mag darter later on.  My stupid wading boot ended up falling apart, sole separated from the body of the shoe, and I couldn't stand it anymore so I left around 11.

There were schools of bait so thick at this location that they were banging against my waders- and not sand eels either.  It's literally exactly the same way it looked in August.  Insane.  I'm going back out tonight, hoping to report back better results.


Still Fish Here...

I’m glad everyone’s quitting fishing here in MA, but I’m also going to tell you first hand- the fat lady isn’t even on stage yet.  Still much fishing to be had…


Perseverance Pays Off

I've been reading/hearing a lot of chatter about how all the fish are gone from MA.  That they left sometime in September- that they're off shore or in RI, or gone to LI.  Let me be the one to tell you- that's a bunch of crap!


October Full Moon Fly

Pictureless again, sorry.  Got out of work early, unexpected, decided to head to the coast.  South shore, 5:30pm-10pm.  Talk about a FULL moon.  The moon was just about as big as I've seen it all year.  The tide switch, sunset, and moon rise all happened within 10 minutes of each other last night.  I don't know what that means, but I took it as a good sign.  The wind was SE at 3-6 mph, and the surf was almost flat.  With a negative tide, I could walk way way out onto the sand flat I was fishing and access areas I've yet to fish all year.  With all the high winds and my hurt wrist, and tough conditions, I haven't had a chance to fly fish in the surf for a while.  I decided I would tonight.


Can't get that smell off me

Friday night, south shore, 8pm-2am...big surf, good winds, nice clean water.  Bait is still around...although not like it was in weeks past.  I fished a couple spots.  The first had lots of white water, and I was a super hopeful...but after 3 hours of walking up and down the shore, I didn't get a hit!  So I headed to one of my favorites.  I found good current with big rollers....and no fish!  Not even a schoolie bump.  I went back to the fist spot to test a lower tide height, where I could reach some deeper water with some mussel beds....nada.
SP minnow for scale at the top


Time is Running Out

Not a report.  I'm just posting as a reminder to anyone reading, and to myself, that time is getting short.  We still have warm weather this week, the water is still warm, but my guess we've only have EIGHT weekends left.  I figure between now and then, I can get out ~25-27 times.  We have 4 moons left- 2 full, 2 new.  So when it comes to questioning, when it comes to "man I'm just so tired and would rather stay home and sleep"- keep in mind- the time is short.  The winter is long, so get out there while you can.

And for "pump you up" motivation, here's a few videos you should watch.



I hate the Fall

"I hate the Fall" -John Skinner

Peanuts at my feet
Long story short, I fished RI south county this weekend, with Robin, from Light house to Light house, for more than 18 hours during mostly dark, but also during sun rise, and middle of the day.  I found acres of anchovies, several large schools of peanut bunker, sand eels, and even adult Menhaden.

Guess how many fish I caught? 0.  Guess how many Robin caught? 0.

Guess how many strikes I had? 4.  Guess how many Robin had? 0.


Still bait around...

Before I start talking about tonight I forgot to mention something about this weekend.  I fished nothing but big lures- I didn’t carry a single SP, swim shad under 6”, no tins, no bombers, nothing small.  I almost exclusively threw big dannys, darters, glide baits, and 18” hogys.  So yeah, I got skunked on Saturday night, and Friday night didn’t go well either, but that was a little intentional.  I know exactly where I could have caught a half dozen or dozen schoolies, but that wasn’t my goal at all- I wanted a big fish for the tourney.  Forgot to mention that.  But it’s also important for tonight.

I was pretty tired, and almost feeling a little burnt out, but I knew I HAD to fish- new moon of October after all.  The next new moon may find us here in MA with little or no fish around.  So I sucked it up and headed out.

I fished south shore Monday night with a light S breeze at my back.  When I first showed the water was calm, and as the night progress it went to absolutely flat.  Tough conditions.  But there was SO much bait in the surf.  Not big bait, little bait, the biggest being maybe 4” long and thin.  Some of it was sand eels no doubt, but some of it wasn’t.  But man, it was the whole area as far as I could walk in any direction.


C&R Tourney Part 2: Nope

Again, no pictures, sorry.  I fished the whole damn south county of RI from 5pm to 12am for 0 strikes, 0 fish.

My plan was to fish open beach for a while, and then at the tide switch a jetty I like, but when I got there...shit, man!  There were TWELVE lights on at one time.  Really guys?  I mean, the colors of the rainbow too- red, green, blue, white, and some kind of yellow light too.  All blinding and all directed right into the water.  Obviously I'm going to move on when I see that mess.

I guess it wasn't just me either because I read elsewhere that no one was catching in So. Co.

So the tourney was a bust for me, and I didn't even get to submit a fish.  Man what a tough weekend, and so much for consistency!  I'm hoping Monday I can get out again, and I'll report back when I do.


Almost laid on a seal, 1 keeper and some rats

No pictures, sorry.  Fished 10pm to 5am.  Went to a couple of my top producing spots, as I was trying to place again in the Surfcasters Journal Catch and Release Tournament.  Was very surprised (not sure why) to find super calm conditions at the first spot.  And only a couple fish, one around 30" the other around 26".  I carried NO SP minnows, no swim shads, no small lures of any kind: going big or going home.

Next location is rocky and I went "outside the box" and fished a couple micro-areas of this larger boulder strewn area that I had never tried.  I figured I need to try something new because I'd only been producing schoolies and mid-teen fish for the last couple weeks (minus a 20lb fish in RI) and was going to need at least a 40" to place in the tourney.

Well, needless to say, it didn't pay off.  I had some hits from small fish but no hook ups.  And man did I work hard when the wind switched from SW at 10mph to NW at 30mph.  Scrambling is hard work and casting into the driving wind with a 2oz metal lip is no picnic either.

One funny thing that happened was as I was swimming out to a rock I noticed what I thought was a clump of seaweed on it.  As I got to the rock (which was above my head) I shinned my light up on it and low and behold my hand was inches away from a baby harbor seal.  Damn near scared me to death.  The seal didn't even react, even as I blinded it with my light.  Little guy looked really tired, and I decided to give him the rock, and I moved on to an adjacent one.  I casted there for 30 minutes, and the seal never moved a muscle.


Seeing a trend here

South shore weekday night, fished a little later this time, 8pm-12:30am.  Less white water, calmer conditions.  Ran into a guy coming off the spot as I was getting ready.  Didn't take that as a good sign, but he told me he only had a couple short strikes around sunset- but he also said all he fished was an SP in bone, and an SP in blurple.  Bro, maybe try a different profile?
Looks small but I promise it was 29".  My new 11ft rod and VS200 make it look smaller I guess.
Anyways, I fished for a while in a pretty wide area with a variety of things waiting for the tide to get high and switch.  When it did, I snapped on a weighted sluggo and starting getting strikes immediately.  So many short fish dropped, several jumped.  Finally had a nice hookup and  landed a 29" fish.  After a bunch of missed fish, I then switched to an atom 40 style plug in dark over light and landed I think something like 5 schoolies.  All were much smaller than earlier in the week, two were no more than 20-21".  OK, moving on when I get into those fish.  But I'm definitely seeing a trend here.  When the tide switches, the fish move in, and I assume they're chowing down on sand eels, because I can't find any other bait.

But, couldn't find anything bigger the rest of the night, landed only 1 other schoolie of 22-24" (I didn't take any time to really measure).  I fished everything I had.

Gorgeous night, easy fishing.  The cold weather is coming, but when?  I can't get over how nice it's been so far in October, save those few days of hard NE blow.


Too weak to resist the tug

Alright, I admit it.  Last night I totally succumbed to the "I just want to put a bend in the rod" mentality.  Usually, I try and cull bigger fish and move on when I find schoolies under 25", but tonight, I just couldn't walk away from the action.


Redemption? Meh, not really.

Looking for redemption from last night, I decided I'd give it another go before I took Sunday off to accomplish some things around the house (change brakes, mow lawn, clean house, etc.).


A good example of when fishing isn't fun

I fished all night tonight.  Very wild conditions; 30-40mph winds, 10ft+ seas.  I started on the South Shore and ended on the South Cape.  I'm not even going to report on everything, here's just a list of all the bad things that happened:


Get Ahead Of It

Nor'Easter is coming boys and girls.  40mph winds, 12-15ft seas, rain and 40 degree temperatures.  Time to get out there: NOW!


First Down East [Maine] Stripah

I had the privelege of being in a wedding this weekend in Kennybunkport, ME.  What more, Carly was also in the wedding.  We had a great time over the weekend catching up with old friends and drinking and eating way too much.

But on Friday, Carly had a "ladies luncheon" that I was not invited to.  So what I was I going to do while she was sipping tea and eating pastries?

Fish, obviously.


A Nor'easter on the South Shore

The following post is going to divert from my normal, candid, informal "report" style.  I am attempting to work on my writing in such a way that is more like novel.  This is in response to My Bonefish post, which garnered so many positive comments.  Enjoy.

As I threw my plug bag into the bin in my trunk, I caught a glimpse of a beach-side mansion, and the flag pole out front.  I was drawn to the Massachusettes state flag out of the corner of my eye.  It was pitch dark, but I could see the fabric undulated slowly, in rythmic flaps, and laying limp against the pole.  The North East wind was subsiding.


Sleep, it's overrated

Sleep is something I just can't get used to.  I hate it. I don't like doing it, I think it's a waste of time.

So when I read of reports of "amazing" fishing only 90 minutes away, and I'm not dangerously tired...you can bet I'm going to be there: someway, somehow.

Yes, I report chased last night.  And it paid off I guess!


A Poor Host: Parts 1 & 2

Whenever Robin and I fish, we go big.

But damn it we NEVER seem to manage any fish.  Only 1 time can I think where we did OK, and it was mostly me landing something like a dozen schoolies and a couple keepers, to his 3 or 4.

But back then, we were fishing idiots.  We had no idea what we were doing.

Now?  Well I’d like to think I know at least something, even if Robin has less experience.

 Well, they say history repeats itself.  So the next part shouldn’t be a surprise.

Part 1:


Where are the big fish?

Not too much to report.  I hit the south shore this particular early-morning (night) from about 3am until 9am.  At one of my normal haunts, I managed a pathetic 3 schoolies.  I tried a few things, but the damn SP minnow was the winner for schoolies (as it always is).  I hit my more recently discovered spot nearby shortly after sunset, and missed 2 fish on poppers, and landed one ~26-27” schoolie (the ~ means I measured on my rod but don’t take the time to actually measure).  I’m perplexed by the lack of medium/large fish (20lbs).  I know all this smaller bait (peanuts, anchovies, sand eels, rain bait) isn’t going to bring in the 30lb+ fish, but peanuts specifically definitely attract 20lbers.  So what gives?  I don’t know, but I’m getting frustrated.  Taking tonight off, as Robin is coming this weekend for an epic couple nights: I’m going to need the sleep.

Tired, I decided to just sit down on a rock and watch the sunrise.  Zen.


Blitzes in Sandals

Woke up at 1:45am to make it to one of my absolutely favorite North Shore spots for the final few hours of the outgoing.  Didn't even get a bump, but watched the sun come up on a gorgeous calm day.  I also did some great scouting, and learned things about my spot that I didn't know- after 3 years fishing this spot literally 100s of times from May to November- I still am finding new things.


Weekend Wrap-up: Surface Action!

Friday night, not much to report.  Went to the North Shore, fished perfect conditions, saw lots of small bait.  No fish, maybe one hit I'm not even sure, could have been bottom.  Soul crushing night, fished HARD well into the wee hours.  Saw a few other hard core dudes which I know are quality fisherman, and they were on their way home when I showed up.  Terrible sign.  Should have known.

Saturday night, while totally different location (south shore), was just about as frustrating.  I fly fished for about 4 hours, in even more perfect conditions.  New moon, hard on shore wind, middle of the night tides: absolutely dark as tar out.  Perfect.  But, I was tired, and my wrist was hurting pretty bad.  I struggled in the wind, and only landed 4 or so schoolies, maybe up to around 25".  Cookie cutters.  I admit it, I was cranky because of my wrist, and quit early.

The first and smallest of the fish landed


Threshold Reached

This weekend I fished 3 days, 3 different places.  North Shore, South Shore MA.  SO MUCH BAIT.  Friday night I did a lot of walking w/the spinning rod at low tide doing scouting of various spots.  I saw a few schoolie splashes, but had 0 hits over 5 hours (10pm-3am) of "hunting" for big fish.  So much f-ing bait.  I just can't get over it- 100 yard shoals of small bait.  But, small bait means small fish (generally, especially this time of year).  Saturday night on the South Shore I only fished 2 hours because I was exhausted and wanted to run 25 miles the next day, but found a good tide- just got there to late.  Showed up probably an hour too late, casted for maybe 5 minutes, then had 4 hits in a row on the 10 wt, landed 2 schoolies, and then nothing for the next ~90 minutes before I lost the tide.  Sunday night I was way way to tired to fish.  Monday night I went out again, and found a stiff SW wind.  Made it pretty tough to cast my fly rod, but I had no back-up spinner with me.  It was terrible actually- I was constantly tangled, the wind was over my casting arm so I had to back cast the whole time, I so tired from my run the day before I was damn near shaky, and didn't have the right line for the job (had floating and S/I line, I really needed just I).  But I did manage 5 schoolies, with 4 of them being pretty small, and then 1 around 26".  They were Tarpon Stripers...all jumped a bunch of times.  They seemed a little lethargic after jumping though, and took reviving.  I caught them all on 2/0 chart/white deceivers. The water is HOT for this time of year!  These fish put me over 300 stripers on the season- my "threshold" for a good season already.  I just wish I could find some larger fish- haven't had a fish over 15lbs since June.  Seems like my normal spots the fish are only getting smaller.  The disappearance of peanut bunker recently leaves only the small-small bait and I think there's no incentive for larger fish.  I need to find bigger bait.  I'm going to work on that!

Olde English Fly Shop custom 10wt and 8wt.  The 9/10wt sealed drag reel (on the left) is an incredible value and I'm very happy so far with the performance.  The 8wt reel on the right is extremely light.  Very happy so far.  Will update as I use them more.


So far behind- summer blog re-cap

Time has really gotten away from me.  Summers still here, but I can start to feel the pressure of a waning season.  Yes, we’ve still got what could arguably be called the best 2 months of the year left…but that’s it.  Let me do a quick re-cap of what has been happening the last 4-6 weeks.  These are notes from my log, with some cleaning up for the blog.  I had a few other trips not included, with very few other fish landed.  I also did a little kayaking in the lake near me, but nothing exciting to report, just some small bass, so I didn’t include that in this post.


Welcome back...

Tonight ran down to the cape and spent about 4 hours fishing, from roughly 9:30pm to 1:30am, with Carly.  We struck out.  Didn't see any signs of life; Carly tossed the damn SP minnow, and a big black hogy.  I chose to work the shoreline and rock strewn area with my new 8wt fly rod (yeah, I'm obsessed now that we went to the keys).  I tried a couple different patterns, from deceivers, to clousers, to surf candy.  A lot of back casting with the wind coming over my casting shoulder.  Not a bump, and I forgot my freakin' stripping basket so I destroyed my line after I swam out to a rock and it go stuck on the barnacles.  Bummer, but it was on it's way out anyways.  Hoping to get out mid-week this week, since we'll be in Maine this weekend...


My Bonefish

“It’s too deep, and I can’t see a damn thing,” I said out loud.


New Friends, New Location

Went out fishing with a couple of new friends on the outer cape, my first trip out that way this year.  Fished all night with personally nothing but a couple shorts to show for it.  Lots of thunder and lightening, and a very strong on-shore wind.  The conditions were absolutely perfect; it just didn't really happen!


Like casting a post-it note

After last weeks 5-nights-in-a-row-new-moon-extravaganza I have been BEAT.  I wasn’t going to go out tonight, but couldn’t help myself- I’m addicted.  And a fun night it was indeed!

South cape, light east breeze, calm calm conditions.  Fished 9:30pm to 2am…even though I said I wanted to be home by 1am.  Come on, don’t judge!  NICE warm water- I mean probably damn near 10 degrees warmer then anything I’ve fished so far this season. 

Walking a star lit shoreline, I came upon a huge, 100 -300 meter area with fish on top feeding on small bait, and I knew my night was done.  I worked this are for the first 30 minutes with 0 success- eventually over the 4-5 hours I was there, I threw EVERYTHING.  Everything you see below I had on me, and I friggin tossed it all!  But early on I realized they must be on something small.  So I put on the smallest thing I had- a 5”, unweighted, white, sluggo.  Silly thing casts like a post-it note.  But I was able to whip it out about 40 feet, and landed my smallest fish of the year on the first cast- as Carly would say “an adorable” little 13-14” striper.  I even went “aw, he’s cute”, and then I rolled my eyes: ok, clearly I need to move on.  Just one more cast to keep it honest.

It’s always the “one more cast”, or “last cast”, isn’t it?


Up....now down

Returned to the same spot again tonight.  LOL!  What a difference 0.1 tidal feet and calm variable wind can make!  No current, no life.  Managed a few schoolies early on in the usual places on sluggos, then a few more in the rip (4-5 total, can’t remember).  Nothing over 25”.  Fished until 2am and called it quits after an hour of not a hit.  Just goes to show you: what worked last night, doesn’t always work tonight!


Identifying another pattern...

Tonight was better than the last few nights- putting my riggies to good use!



North Shore MA.  The last few nights have been pretty brutal.  Saturday night Carly and I spent 5 hours walking sand looking for hungry stipers- leading to lots of calories burnt, but little fish landed.  I did have a ~25-26” schoolie at one of my favorite spots on a 9” hogy, and carly lost a small fish on an SP.  Later, much further away, in another one of my favorite locations, after exhausting all other options, I put on the damn SP minnow in purple flash and picked up a 24” fish WAY out at the end of my cast.  That was it for the night.  We didn’t see more than a couple other people fishing, and saw no fish taken.

Sunday night, similar experience, although even more frustrating.  Same spot(s) and a lot of walking again.  Casted everything I had with little result.  At the turn of the tide from outgoing to ingoing, during the slack period, I hooked up with a nice fish on my big 3.5oz danny in all white.  I lost the fish after only a handful of handle cranks.  Next cast Ianded a ~27-28” fish, could have been a tad smaller.  Nothing after that.  I worked a lot of shoreline after that with only one other hit on a needle that I could not convert.  Fished basically 8-2am both nights.  Saw 0 other fisherman Sunday night- what am I missing?


A Dozen Shorts

Last night fished the south shore of MA in a place I know well.  While it's given up about 25 keeper class fish so far this year, none have been over 33".  I'm starting to think, despite what it appears to be, it could just be a schoolie spot.

Little guys out in force...


MA Tidal Access: Know Your Rights

In the past year I have had multiple confrontations with individuals claiming ownership of the shore area, to the low tide mark.  This happened again Saturday night, where an irrate older gentlemen threatened to call the cops on me. 


Personal Best 47.5"

The title says it all.  Last night I landed my personal best, at 47.5".  And I'm currently leading the Surfcasters Journal Catch & Release Tournament!


Won't know if you don't go

I was pretty apprehensive about tonight.  I had the day off, which gave me another chance to fish the night tide. Strong NE wind had been blowing for 24hrs, and I knew my North Shore spot would be shut down.  I debated and debated about where to go.  I checked the wind, waves, tides over and over.  I SHOULD have gone to the south cape, or RI.  But I didn't.  I decided to take a chance and check out a south shore spot.  I've always wondered what it'd look like in a Nor'easter.


What its all about

North shore MA, Sunday night, 9:00pm-1am.  Projected to be 1-2ft waves, I show up to find 3-5.  No problem.  I LOVE fishing these conditions.  I don't get to fish them often, due to the places I have easy access to, and the direction they face (prevailing SW winds usually mean calm conditions for me).  With the crazy swing in weather from 77 and humid to 51 and raining, I knew I HAD to get on the beach.  I was super psyched all day, because the near-full moon and change in weather gave me a very serious chance at some quality fish.

This was NOT the same location, I just felt like this post needed a picture


End of the streak

Had my first skunk in 12 trips tonight.  Fished live and dead eels for 5 hours, walked 4 miles, fished rocks, sand, and rips on the south cape from about 9pm to 2am.  Strong SW wind, clean water, good tide.  Worked a yellow SS darter for a while in a nice rip as well with nothing to show for it.  I did lose a decent fish (of unknown size) in a strong current, a very hard tap and a nice pull, and then nothing after I dropped the tip and set the hook- just a wiff, which almost sent me backwards off the rock I was standing on.  When I got it back in, the eel was gone...damn.  Really surprised given the dramatic swing in barometric pressure that was coming that fishing was so bad.  But, it was EXTREMELY bright with clear sky and nearly full moon.  Lot's of folks out fishing, didn't see a single fish landed.


Clear and Bright

Much slower for me last night at my cape cod bay spot- hoping it was just an off night for me.  Very bright out, very calm water, very clear water.  Not a lot of current or water movement.  1 small keeper and a few (3 or 4 can't remember) schoolies to 25" is all I could manage; lot of effort for those fish too (5 hours of casting and walking)- even a few rock swims.  Missed a few dinks feeding on small bait.  Was going to bag it around 1 am after not seeing even a sign of life for over 2 hours, when a huge bank of fog rolled in and blocked out the moon.  This made me stick it out for another hour, and I did manage the small keeper on a live eel.  Beautiful night, and was all alone in a gorgeous place, so I can't complain!


The Great Schoolie Fishing Continues

What a difference from last year.  I'm really getting it dialed in, and it's been very rewarding.  I landed 61 bass last night.  It was every cast fishing from about 11pm-2am.  50% of the fish were between 20-24", 25% less than 20", 25% over 24", with 4 keepers size or better.  No monsters, but a lot of fun!  My hands are destroyed from lipping all these little bass...


Stripers Spotted on the North Shore

Jerry and I had pretty much been fishing exclusively on the Cape the past few weeks as the schoolies (and some keepers) make their annual run up the coast, but with the tides being unfavorable on the Cape on Sunday, we decided to go to one of our North Shore spots with the hope that there would be fish, but being okay with just a scouting trip.

Very soon we noted, there were fish...

A nice keeper!

First swim

Took my first swim of the year last night.  I thought I could make it to the rock wading, but I couldn't.  No problem.  With the wet suit, I just swam the last 30 feet.  And was rewarded with a low teens # bass.

Terrible picture, but I was trying to get it back in the water fast.


At least there was a beautiful sunrise...

Saturday from 3 am to 7 am had a beautiful sunrise, but only one striper to report...

Even 1 striper means we weren't skunked!


When the lights go out

Well, Sunday night was certainly not as good as Saturday night...but I still caught 14 bass, including 2 keepers, low/mid 30's and a ~29", as well as 3 fish between 26 and 28".

100 fish night?

Let's get right to the point.  I caught over 70 fish tonight.  I lost count.  I put 75 in my log, but it was probably between 80 and 100, or even more.  And, here's the thing, I had well over 25 keepers...

Random >30" fish


Can't Break that Burple Habit...

While Jerry has been actively in pursuit of the spring striper run, I finally dusted off my waders and joined him for a late night trip to the beach. Admittedly, my surf casting success last year was extremely limited, but with the way my first fishing venture of the season went last night...this year is already looking much more promising...



Waiting for it to break

Last night was slower than Saturday morning, with only 2 fish landed and not nearly as many hits or follows.  I’m really waiting for it to break wide open anytime, as these are likely only more local fish and not the main school, and by the sounds of what’s going down in RI, it’s going to be sometime this week.


Sometimes One is Enough, but Five is Definitely Better!

Same spot as Thursday.  Different stage of the tide.   Got up at 3:30am.  Fished 5:30-8:45am.

Fish #1
Playing in the Ocean


The Local Line

I watched a short video earlier in the day about "fish where it's unexpected" and "find a blue line on a map and go fish it".  This, in combination with rumors from a neighbor who has lived in my neighborhood for 50 years, and a single post on the MA DEP website, sent me crashing through thick brush and deep mud on the hunt for some hold-over rainbows.