Reservoir Trout?

I'm hardly a trout fisherman, as much as I want to be, but I gave it a go for a few hours this morning.  I decided to drive a bit and went to a local trout hot spot with my Hobie: the Ashland Reservoir.  There were a bunch of people fishing from shore, as this place is no secret.  Lot's of lawn chairs and bobbers, beer and boom boxes.

But once you get away from that, it's actually a nice little lake.  Reminds me of NH.

After about 2 hours it was so hot in the yak with my long sleeves on, I couldn't take it anymore.   I was roasting, and had a 2 hour run planned for later in the day...and I forgot my water. I quit, after getting some good casting practice in and not even getting a rise, follow, or hit.

I did get some intel on where they are, and when I go back, I'll be ready with the intermediate sinking line.  Highly recommended place to take a paddle or peddle.