Team Trip: Housatonic

Jerry finally made it down to the Housatonic for some early season holdover action. The fishing was inconsistent, but we did manage to boat a few schoolies. 

Things got off to a rough start. I forgot some tackle in my car and had to head back to the ramp after getting everything set and the boats in the water. Next came disaster for Jerry. A rod that was not leashed fell off his kayak and he reached just a bit too far for it. I hear a splash and look over to see the fins of Jerry's mirage drive sticking up like a plastic shark. Jerry was in 40 degree water trying to save all his gear from sinking to the bottom of the river. I sped over to him (a little too much speed actually) and started grabbing rods and gear from him. I was worried about the cold and started yelling at Jerry to forget his stuff and get the hell back in his kayak. We got the boat righted and Jerry got back in on his own (a valuable real world capsize recovery drill). Luckily Mr. Boyscout had packed an entire change of clothes, so we paddled to shore, he got changed and we got right back to fishing.

We immediately found a small school but could only pull out a few fish. But the first stripes of the season are always a good thing.

Beautiful day on the river.

My first of 2015.

The wind picked up later in the day and seemed to turn the fish off. We battled the wind for a while and frustratingly watched a boat catch fish after fish (including a keeper) on Alabama rigs. After unsuccessfully trying to replicate their results we decided to call it a day. 

As we headed back to the boat launch Jerry noticed something in he water. His anchor buoy! The anchor had of course fallen from his boat but the buoy did its job and allowed him to recover at least a bit more of his gear. All in all a brutal trip for the numbers but the first stripers of 2015 are in the books!