What its all about

North shore MA, Sunday night, 9:00pm-1am.  Projected to be 1-2ft waves, I show up to find 3-5.  No problem.  I LOVE fishing these conditions.  I don't get to fish them often, due to the places I have easy access to, and the direction they face (prevailing SW winds usually mean calm conditions for me).  With the crazy swing in weather from 77 and humid to 51 and raining, I knew I HAD to get on the beach.  I was super psyched all day, because the near-full moon and change in weather gave me a very serious chance at some quality fish.

This was NOT the same location, I just felt like this post needed a picture


End of the streak

Had my first skunk in 12 trips tonight.  Fished live and dead eels for 5 hours, walked 4 miles, fished rocks, sand, and rips on the south cape from about 9pm to 2am.  Strong SW wind, clean water, good tide.  Worked a yellow SS darter for a while in a nice rip as well with nothing to show for it.  I did lose a decent fish (of unknown size) in a strong current, a very hard tap and a nice pull, and then nothing after I dropped the tip and set the hook- just a wiff, which almost sent me backwards off the rock I was standing on.  When I got it back in, the eel was gone...damn.  Really surprised given the dramatic swing in barometric pressure that was coming that fishing was so bad.  But, it was EXTREMELY bright with clear sky and nearly full moon.  Lot's of folks out fishing, didn't see a single fish landed.


Clear and Bright

Much slower for me last night at my cape cod bay spot- hoping it was just an off night for me.  Very bright out, very calm water, very clear water.  Not a lot of current or water movement.  1 small keeper and a few (3 or 4 can't remember) schoolies to 25" is all I could manage; lot of effort for those fish too (5 hours of casting and walking)- even a few rock swims.  Missed a few dinks feeding on small bait.  Was going to bag it around 1 am after not seeing even a sign of life for over 2 hours, when a huge bank of fog rolled in and blocked out the moon.  This made me stick it out for another hour, and I did manage the small keeper on a live eel.  Beautiful night, and was all alone in a gorgeous place, so I can't complain!


The Great Schoolie Fishing Continues

What a difference from last year.  I'm really getting it dialed in, and it's been very rewarding.  I landed 61 bass last night.  It was every cast fishing from about 11pm-2am.  50% of the fish were between 20-24", 25% less than 20", 25% over 24", with 4 keepers size or better.  No monsters, but a lot of fun!  My hands are destroyed from lipping all these little bass...


Stripers Spotted on the North Shore

Jerry and I had pretty much been fishing exclusively on the Cape the past few weeks as the schoolies (and some keepers) make their annual run up the coast, but with the tides being unfavorable on the Cape on Sunday, we decided to go to one of our North Shore spots with the hope that there would be fish, but being okay with just a scouting trip.

Very soon we noted, there were fish...

A nice keeper!

First swim

Took my first swim of the year last night.  I thought I could make it to the rock wading, but I couldn't.  No problem.  With the wet suit, I just swam the last 30 feet.  And was rewarded with a low teens # bass.

Terrible picture, but I was trying to get it back in the water fast.


At least there was a beautiful sunrise...

Saturday from 3 am to 7 am had a beautiful sunrise, but only one striper to report...

Even 1 striper means we weren't skunked!


When the lights go out

Well, Sunday night was certainly not as good as Saturday night...but I still caught 14 bass, including 2 keepers, low/mid 30's and a ~29", as well as 3 fish between 26 and 28".

100 fish night?

Let's get right to the point.  I caught over 70 fish tonight.  I lost count.  I put 75 in my log, but it was probably between 80 and 100, or even more.  And, here's the thing, I had well over 25 keepers...

Random >30" fish


Can't Break that Burple Habit...

While Jerry has been actively in pursuit of the spring striper run, I finally dusted off my waders and joined him for a late night trip to the beach. Admittedly, my surf casting success last year was extremely limited, but with the way my first fishing venture of the season went last night...this year is already looking much more promising...



Waiting for it to break

Last night was slower than Saturday morning, with only 2 fish landed and not nearly as many hits or follows.  I’m really waiting for it to break wide open anytime, as these are likely only more local fish and not the main school, and by the sounds of what’s going down in RI, it’s going to be sometime this week.


Sometimes One is Enough, but Five is Definitely Better!

Same spot as Thursday.  Different stage of the tide.   Got up at 3:30am.  Fished 5:30-8:45am.

Fish #1
Playing in the Ocean


The Local Line

I watched a short video earlier in the day about "fish where it's unexpected" and "find a blue line on a map and go fish it".  This, in combination with rumors from a neighbor who has lived in my neighborhood for 50 years, and a single post on the MA DEP website, sent me crashing through thick brush and deep mud on the hunt for some hold-over rainbows.


What did I do wrong?!?!

So first day in the surf.  So excited the night before, I had trouble falling asleep.  However, it was a total failure.

6" Bomber Long Shot, 1/2oz Bucktail (with trailer), Big Ed Short Needle, Storm Wildeye 4", 3/4oz Jig w/4" minnow (YUM)