At least there was a beautiful sunrise...

Saturday from 3 am to 7 am had a beautiful sunrise, but only one striper to report...

Even 1 striper means we weren't skunked!
Jerry and I woke up at the exceptionally early time of 1:40 am on Saturday with the hope of hitting the right tide in the spot we'd been going to the last few trips. When we arrived at the spot, we saw another surf caster had claimed the area and a young caster was fishing opposite him from a different access. We closed in, but tried not to step on any toes as they were there before we were, fair and square. We casted for a while only seeing the other fishermen reel in a couple of micros and finally decided to fish our way back down the beach. The tide and the current felt different and it didn't seem like sticking around was going to make any sense. We enjoyed the sunrise and Jerry reeled in a single energetic schoolie, so were weren't feeling like it was a total wash.

I suppose sometimes, just being on the water, with the prospect of some luck is enough to sustain the pursuit.