Clear and Bright

Much slower for me last night at my cape cod bay spot- hoping it was just an off night for me.  Very bright out, very calm water, very clear water.  Not a lot of current or water movement.  1 small keeper and a few (3 or 4 can't remember) schoolies to 25" is all I could manage; lot of effort for those fish too (5 hours of casting and walking)- even a few rock swims.  Missed a few dinks feeding on small bait.  Was going to bag it around 1 am after not seeing even a sign of life for over 2 hours, when a huge bank of fog rolled in and blocked out the moon.  This made me stick it out for another hour, and I did manage the small keeper on a live eel.  Beautiful night, and was all alone in a gorgeous place, so I can't complain!