End of the streak

Had my first skunk in 12 trips tonight.  Fished live and dead eels for 5 hours, walked 4 miles, fished rocks, sand, and rips on the south cape from about 9pm to 2am.  Strong SW wind, clean water, good tide.  Worked a yellow SS darter for a while in a nice rip as well with nothing to show for it.  I did lose a decent fish (of unknown size) in a strong current, a very hard tap and a nice pull, and then nothing after I dropped the tip and set the hook- just a wiff, which almost sent me backwards off the rock I was standing on.  When I got it back in, the eel was gone...damn.  Really surprised given the dramatic swing in barometric pressure that was coming that fishing was so bad.  But, it was EXTREMELY bright with clear sky and nearly full moon.  Lot's of folks out fishing, didn't see a single fish landed.