First swim

Took my first swim of the year last night.  I thought I could make it to the rock wading, but I couldn't.  No problem.  With the wet suit, I just swam the last 30 feet.  And was rewarded with a low teens # bass.

Terrible picture, but I was trying to get it back in the water fast.
New location that I've scouted in the day light before but never fished.  With the NW wind switching to SW sooner than I had anticipated, my plan for the night got scrapped and I figured I'd try something new.  Carly was too tired to go with me, and since the big girls aren't here quite yet, why not try something new?

I walked along the shore front of the lower cape from about 9 until 1 AM, with multi-million dollar homes in the background.  Total stealth mode, no light, staying close to the water.

I wish I had been there at high tide, and not low.  But seeing it at low was essential for future fishing trips.

Around 10 I saw the big rock that looked like it'd be a great platform to cast into deeper water.  I started to wade out, and it suddenly dropped from knee to chest deep, and then all of a sudden I was swimming.  No problem.  I got to the rock and hauled myself out.  It was huge, bigger than a car, and provide a great platform to cast into the wind.  I snapped on my 14" A&E custom Tackle sluggo-like plastic (Find them on Facebook) for the first time, and 2 casts in I hooked up with a very feisty mid-teen bass.  I thought he was going to be my first 20#er of the year, but was happy to to have a tight line in a new location.

I casted for a while after without another touch.  I tried out a bomber long shot as a search bait, with not a touch.

I swam back to shore, and then walked along casting a large variety of plugs for another hour.  Eventually I came to a boulder field, and waded out to a large, flat one.  I casted a few different things, before switching to an SP minnow (the Carly special, blurple).  Two casts in, and I hooked up.  I dropped the fish, but it felt like a small keeper.  Next cast I landed a 27" schoolie, just under keeper size.  Next cast, I landed a 24" schoolie, but as I was trying to get the hook out, the fish thrashed, and somehow the line snapped and he rolled into the water and I lost the SP.  Shit.  But I have  a back up in oliver and silver, and next cast I caught a smaller 22" schoolie.  I had one hit after that, but didn't land the fish.  I stood in this spot for another 15 minutes without any more action.

I walked for another hour, but didn't get a hit.  I was getting tired, and around 12:30 I just huffed it back to the car (little over a mile).  Enough action to keep me interested, but I'm still waiting for the big girls to show up.  Until next time...