100 fish night?

Let's get right to the point.  I caught over 70 fish tonight.  I lost count.  I put 75 in my log, but it was probably between 80 and 100, or even more.  And, here's the thing, I had well over 25 keepers...

Random >30" fish

Same spot Carly and I went Friday night.  Tide was later (obviously).  And I knew it was going to be a great night, when I walked onto the beach and had a hit first cast.  And caught 12 fish before the turn of the tide!  That's the most ever at this location before the switch.  All really small guys in the 18-22", 10 on a 7" bomber long shot, and 2 on a Salty's Crazy Bugger metal lip (yellow over white).  I was very optimistic as I made my way along the beach.

At the turn, I tried a darter and caught 1 decent schoolie at 25-26".  But I was having trouble working it correctly from my location, and wasn't sure it was the right choice.  So I then opted for a 14" tandem rigged hogy and got another decent schoolie that was borderline keeper.  But, the hook ripped the hogy and I couldn't use it anymore.  Bummer.

9" Sluggos saved my night.  Eel or White it didn't make any difference.

I then spent 45 minutes being stupid.  I was dead set on using the 7" bomber long shot, despite all the crap in the water.  It was a very frustrating 45 minutes of constantly catching weeds and mung.  I didn't even get a hit for 30 minutes!  I thought of leaving multiple times, as it was already midnight and I was pretty tired from the previous couple nights.  But I just KNEW the fish had to be there!  Everything was perfect, the tide was ripping, the new moon, the wind direction, and it was dark dark dark.

So I rummaged around in my bag and pulled out an eel colored sluggo (9"), unweighted with an 11/0 hook.  First cast, it got nailed by a ~25-26" schoolie.

From that point forth, it was a fish on or hit every cast for hours.

I shredded the eel sluggo after a dozen or so fish, including a teener fish (~32-34" below).  I only had 1 eel colored sluggo, and it got destroyed.  Bad right?  Nope, I had 2 white ones, and it made no difference.  They destroyed those too.  One time I had 2 hits and then felt like it was messed up, so I was burningging it across the surface just trying to get it back to me fast, and I had fish blow up on it 3 times as I cranked it across the surface!!!  The fish were on FIRE.

 Look at how fat she is!
I shredded both of those on a couple dozen more fish.  I started to think, what else is in here?  So I dug through my bag and a big Maine-iac metal lip, and started throwing that.  I got 2 fish, both over 25", but was missing a ton of hits.  So I switched to the darter from earlier and landed 10 fish, 8 of which were over >28" (I didn't measure any but one that was 31", and that wasn't the biggest of them).  No monsters, all the same class of fish in the 28-32" range, but I was having fun.  Black over white super strike getting it done!  Love that plug!

The dropping tide was moving the best spot around and I couldn't work the darter correctly after another 20 minutes.  So, I switched to a big northbar bottle darter, in blurple.   I was losing the tide, but caught another dozen fish that, again, everyone was 26-32".  What a change from just last weekend.

I was getting tired, both arms and mentally, and told myself if I went 5 casts without a hit I'd leave.  It took about 20 more minutes, but around 3 am (nearly 7 hours since I had arrived) it finally happened.  I took that as a sign, and unfortunately I had to work at 8:30am today, so had to get a little sleep (it takes 90 minutes to get home).  I walked back to the car with tired arms, a little in shock about how many fish were there.  Imagine how many where in there if I had caught 100?  I will never forget tonight.  Not just because I caught so many fish- but because I didn't leave and "figured it out".

I need to add- I was alone the entire time, and never saw a single person.  This secret spot is turning out to be a real jewel!

Another random fish...no time for pictures