Sometimes One is Enough, but Five is Definitely Better!

Same spot as Thursday.  Different stage of the tide.   Got up at 3:30am.  Fished 5:30-8:45am.

Fish #1
Playing in the Ocean

Foggy, North Wind.  Small metal lips are the secret yet again!  I caught 5 this morning, 2 over 24", all 3 over 20" (Great this time of year!  But where are the dinks?  Makes me a little worried for the future?).  All came on the metal lip pictured: Satly's Crazy Bugger metal lip.  Threw a few other things...a Talking Popper, T-Hex Tin, 4" Swim Shad, 16a Bomber, and an Atom popper. First 4 fish were caught in  the first 40 minutes, the first on only my 3rd cast.  The final fish was caught far from the others about an hour later, in a transition between kelp covered rocks, and a sandy shoal.  I spent the rest of the time trying to find rocks I could wade to for future night eeling.  I fell off once and completely dunked myself...REFRESHING! Hahaha! A fun morning for sure!
Fish #2 (fish 3-5 no photo)

On an Island