Stripers Spotted on the North Shore

Jerry and I had pretty much been fishing exclusively on the Cape the past few weeks as the schoolies (and some keepers) make their annual run up the coast, but with the tides being unfavorable on the Cape on Sunday, we decided to go to one of our North Shore spots with the hope that there would be fish, but being okay with just a scouting trip.

Very soon we noted, there were fish...

A nice keeper!

We arrived at dark, just hitting the tide change over. We decided to head to a closer spot and immediately spotted a few other red headlamps on the edge of the water a ways down. The water was unbelievably calm, the wind at our backs. Within only a few casts, we both had hits and soon we had fish on. I lost the first three fish that hit my lure as my drag was too loose, which is annoying, but not tragic. We slowly worked our way down the beach, silently expressing our good-byes as other fisherman packed up for the evening.

I caught five fish, mostly in the 23-25 inch range, but one was hilariously small. In fact, I'm going to go ahead and pat myself on the back for hooking the tiny fish with a lure that barely fit in his mouth. Of course it is the only fish I had a picture with that night, also. Jerry had a total of 7, including one 29 inch keeper. As time went on we had fewer and eventually no more hits and used the opportunity to check out down the beach and see about the structure that might serve better at a different tide. While it wasn't the most epic night of fishing, it did provide proof that the spring run is well on its way to the north shore. This can only mean that the big fish are making their way... and it's only a matter of time, right?

Doubled up...even though my fish leaves A LOT to be desired!