Waiting for it to break

Last night was slower than Saturday morning, with only 2 fish landed and not nearly as many hits or follows.  I’m really waiting for it to break wide open anytime, as these are likely only more local fish and not the main school, and by the sounds of what’s going down in RI, it’s going to be sometime this week.

I got to the regular spot too late tonight.  I was late eating dinner, and had to stop on the way twice due too much caffeine, and had some technical difficulties in the parking lot.  So, I got to the water about an hour later than I wanted.  Bummer.  The tide was down, and the current was already starting to die.  And of course, I had my GoPro, so I was not going to catch anything during the light (this is an ongoing trend).

I started off with the little metal lip, because why fix what isn’t broken?  But the wind was howling from my right (south) and I was having trouble keeping slack out of the line and getting the little guy out to the rip.  So after about 10 minutes, I started experimenting.  I broke out the SP minnow, and had a fish hit right at my feet.  I watched another follow it in on the next cast, but no hit.  Ok, finicky, but the fish are here.  So I switched to a slightly bigger bomber long shot, nothing.  OK, try something smaller…nope, can’t cast a 5” Redfin in the wind.  Hmmm…as I’m trying to put my atom popper on, I see some splashes…what?  I freeze and stare.  It’s a fair distance out…could it just be little waves….No!  WTF, there’s some sort of small bait being chased by something!  I ditch the popper and grab my AOK T-hex and launch it ½ way to Europe.  Nothing.  Again.  Nothing.  Again.  I get a hit, but no hook up.  Then, as it gets darker, the little bait disappears.  Grr….

Right at dark, after throwing the whole plug bag and moving around a bit, I decide to try and cast my 9” sluggo.  I know it’s going to be tough in the wind, but nothing else is working, and it’s one of the last options I have (although I realize now, I never threw a bucktail!).  In the waning current of a now pretty much flat rip, I lobbed it right into the closest current in no more than a foot of water.  I barely got one crank of the handle and I was on.  The video is the first one above.  A nice schoolie this time of year at roughly 24".  Again, where are the 15" fish I usually have to deal with?  I'm not necessarily complaining, but it's just weird.
Next cast, I got tangled, and snapped off the sluggo.  It was my only white one.

I walked away from that spot after that happened and worked my way back towards the car.  I lost a small fish on the black little metal lip, and had a swirl as I pulled it out of the water.  As I was starting to get tired, I hooked up with one more smaller fish (19, 20”?).  Interestingly, close inspection of both fish tonight showed no sea lice (but yesterday I did see some).  This fish kept me in the game for another 30 minutes as I rock hopped.  I dug around in my bag and found a 6” white sluggo, but it was impossible to work with the hard wind still blowing (I could cast, but I couldn’t keep the bow out of the line).  I started to get cold, and quit after about 3.5 hours.  I was in bed at 12:40, roasting in our house that was way overheated from the crazy hot weather we’ve been having…staring at the ceiling, thinking about the coming run of big fish…

Sorry for the lack of pictures...