What did I do wrong?!?!

So first day in the surf.  So excited the night before, I had trouble falling asleep.  However, it was a total failure.

6" Bomber Long Shot, 1/2oz Bucktail (with trailer), Big Ed Short Needle, Storm Wildeye 4", 3/4oz Jig w/4" minnow (YUM)

Fished 4 hours from eight to midnight, without even a touch!  I fished rocks, open beach, and even ventured to a breachway.  The wind was...wrong (E, NE)...but not terrible and the tides cooperated (outgoing).  Full moon is fine this time of year.  Others are catching...why couldn't I???  The only thing I can think, is I've seen lots of daytime fishing pictures on the various reports, and I fished only at night.  And it was cold (38 when I got back in the car)!  Given that water, measured by me, is only about 46 degrees in the surf, maybe fishing during the day right now is the ticket.  I just can't accept that I am that unskilled or that unlucky, fishing shoreline I know very well! Above is the assortment I fished with.  It's Carly's birthday this weekend, so I couldn't get out again, but had a great time with friends.  I'm exhausted from two late nights, about already planning out the week.  Hoping to get in 4 trips this week.  Look for more reports soon!