What its all about

North shore MA, Sunday night, 9:00pm-1am.  Projected to be 1-2ft waves, I show up to find 3-5.  No problem.  I LOVE fishing these conditions.  I don't get to fish them often, due to the places I have easy access to, and the direction they face (prevailing SW winds usually mean calm conditions for me).  With the crazy swing in weather from 77 and humid to 51 and raining, I knew I HAD to get on the beach.  I was super psyched all day, because the near-full moon and change in weather gave me a very serious chance at some quality fish.

This was NOT the same location, I just felt like this post needed a picture

 I prepared by stuffing the surf bags with bottle plugs, needlefish, and bucktails.  I threw in a couple metal lips and SP minnows as well, but figured they'd probably stay in the bag.

I was surprised, but pleased (if you're out tonight, you're someone I want to fish with) to find 2 other anglers at my location when I arrived.  However, both were leaving, and all I got was a passing wave as we crossed paths in the dark.  I soon had the whole place to myself.

I started out the night with a yellow over white SS bottle plug, and on probably my 10th cast I felt a bump and set the hook hard.  The fish was decently far out and put up enough of a fight that I figured it was a small keeper.  Nope, not even 26".  About 5 more casts and I hooked another, of nearly identical size maybe slightly bigger.  I was getting these fish at the end of my cast, so I decide to try a heavy needle fish for more distance.  First cast with the yellow over white SS loaded 6" needle and I felt a slight hit and set the hook.  Ha!  This guy was clearly a dink.  I basically cranked as fast as I could and got the 18" fish in quick.

I don't know why, but I decided to move.  I guess those nights of 60+ fish made me think that this slow pick of fish wasn't enough.  I regret the decision.  I ended up walking really far, and wasting a lot of time.

I fished rocks and sand with the needle for 2 hours with nothing to show for it.  After that, I made a decision to jump spots, and returned and passed my previous spot.  Creeping along, I walked about a mile of shoreline, casting sporadically.  I finally made it to one of my golden spots.  I switched to a bottle plug for a few casts, nada.  I switched to a 7" unloaded yellow-over white needle, and in a few casts, had a solid hit.  I brought the borderline keeper to hand after a spirited fight.

I was FREEZING at this point, getting hammered by waves.  I forgot my gloves and my fingers were 100% numb.  I casted for maybe another 20 minutes, and faced with a location switch which involved a little bit of a hike, I decided to quit.  It was a long and tiring walk back to the car.

So 4 small fish is pretty bad for 4-5 hours of fishing, but given the conditions, and my lack of experience with them in general, and at this location in particular, I wasn't too bummed.