New Friends, New Location

Went out fishing with a couple of new friends on the outer cape, my first trip out that way this year.  Fished all night with personally nothing but a couple shorts to show for it.  Lots of thunder and lightening, and a very strong on-shore wind.  The conditions were absolutely perfect; it just didn't really happen!


Like casting a post-it note

After last weeks 5-nights-in-a-row-new-moon-extravaganza I have been BEAT.  I wasn’t going to go out tonight, but couldn’t help myself- I’m addicted.  And a fun night it was indeed!

South cape, light east breeze, calm calm conditions.  Fished 9:30pm to 2am…even though I said I wanted to be home by 1am.  Come on, don’t judge!  NICE warm water- I mean probably damn near 10 degrees warmer then anything I’ve fished so far this season. 

Walking a star lit shoreline, I came upon a huge, 100 -300 meter area with fish on top feeding on small bait, and I knew my night was done.  I worked this are for the first 30 minutes with 0 success- eventually over the 4-5 hours I was there, I threw EVERYTHING.  Everything you see below I had on me, and I friggin tossed it all!  But early on I realized they must be on something small.  So I put on the smallest thing I had- a 5”, unweighted, white, sluggo.  Silly thing casts like a post-it note.  But I was able to whip it out about 40 feet, and landed my smallest fish of the year on the first cast- as Carly would say “an adorable” little 13-14” striper.  I even went “aw, he’s cute”, and then I rolled my eyes: ok, clearly I need to move on.  Just one more cast to keep it honest.

It’s always the “one more cast”, or “last cast”, isn’t it?


Up....now down

Returned to the same spot again tonight.  LOL!  What a difference 0.1 tidal feet and calm variable wind can make!  No current, no life.  Managed a few schoolies early on in the usual places on sluggos, then a few more in the rip (4-5 total, can’t remember).  Nothing over 25”.  Fished until 2am and called it quits after an hour of not a hit.  Just goes to show you: what worked last night, doesn’t always work tonight!


Identifying another pattern...

Tonight was better than the last few nights- putting my riggies to good use!



North Shore MA.  The last few nights have been pretty brutal.  Saturday night Carly and I spent 5 hours walking sand looking for hungry stipers- leading to lots of calories burnt, but little fish landed.  I did have a ~25-26” schoolie at one of my favorite spots on a 9” hogy, and carly lost a small fish on an SP.  Later, much further away, in another one of my favorite locations, after exhausting all other options, I put on the damn SP minnow in purple flash and picked up a 24” fish WAY out at the end of my cast.  That was it for the night.  We didn’t see more than a couple other people fishing, and saw no fish taken.

Sunday night, similar experience, although even more frustrating.  Same spot(s) and a lot of walking again.  Casted everything I had with little result.  At the turn of the tide from outgoing to ingoing, during the slack period, I hooked up with a nice fish on my big 3.5oz danny in all white.  I lost the fish after only a handful of handle cranks.  Next cast Ianded a ~27-28” fish, could have been a tad smaller.  Nothing after that.  I worked a lot of shoreline after that with only one other hit on a needle that I could not convert.  Fished basically 8-2am both nights.  Saw 0 other fisherman Sunday night- what am I missing?


A Dozen Shorts

Last night fished the south shore of MA in a place I know well.  While it's given up about 25 keeper class fish so far this year, none have been over 33".  I'm starting to think, despite what it appears to be, it could just be a schoolie spot.

Little guys out in force...


MA Tidal Access: Know Your Rights

In the past year I have had multiple confrontations with individuals claiming ownership of the shore area, to the low tide mark.  This happened again Saturday night, where an irrate older gentlemen threatened to call the cops on me. 


Personal Best 47.5"

The title says it all.  Last night I landed my personal best, at 47.5".  And I'm currently leading the Surfcasters Journal Catch & Release Tournament!


Won't know if you don't go

I was pretty apprehensive about tonight.  I had the day off, which gave me another chance to fish the night tide. Strong NE wind had been blowing for 24hrs, and I knew my North Shore spot would be shut down.  I debated and debated about where to go.  I checked the wind, waves, tides over and over.  I SHOULD have gone to the south cape, or RI.  But I didn't.  I decided to take a chance and check out a south shore spot.  I've always wondered what it'd look like in a Nor'easter.