North Shore MA.  The last few nights have been pretty brutal.  Saturday night Carly and I spent 5 hours walking sand looking for hungry stipers- leading to lots of calories burnt, but little fish landed.  I did have a ~25-26” schoolie at one of my favorite spots on a 9” hogy, and carly lost a small fish on an SP.  Later, much further away, in another one of my favorite locations, after exhausting all other options, I put on the damn SP minnow in purple flash and picked up a 24” fish WAY out at the end of my cast.  That was it for the night.  We didn’t see more than a couple other people fishing, and saw no fish taken.

Sunday night, similar experience, although even more frustrating.  Same spot(s) and a lot of walking again.  Casted everything I had with little result.  At the turn of the tide from outgoing to ingoing, during the slack period, I hooked up with a nice fish on my big 3.5oz danny in all white.  I lost the fish after only a handful of handle cranks.  Next cast Ianded a ~27-28” fish, could have been a tad smaller.  Nothing after that.  I worked a lot of shoreline after that with only one other hit on a needle that I could not convert.  Fished basically 8-2am both nights.  Saw 0 other fisherman Sunday night- what am I missing?