New Friends, New Location

Went out fishing with a couple of new friends on the outer cape, my first trip out that way this year.  Fished all night with personally nothing but a couple shorts to show for it.  Lots of thunder and lightening, and a very strong on-shore wind.  The conditions were absolutely perfect; it just didn't really happen!

However, one of the guys I was fishing with caught a beautiful 40" fish on a needle fish, no more than 10 minutes after we started fishing, as daylight faded (above).  His personal best, and just under 30lbs.  Among the whole group, a few more mid-20" fish were caught, almost all on needles with teasers.  Lots of slow periods in between these few fish.  I threw the bag at them, including some rigged eel-zillas.  Sluggo saved me from the skunk, withe the aforementioned couple of 20" fish.