Won't know if you don't go

I was pretty apprehensive about tonight.  I had the day off, which gave me another chance to fish the night tide. Strong NE wind had been blowing for 24hrs, and I knew my North Shore spot would be shut down.  I debated and debated about where to go.  I checked the wind, waves, tides over and over.  I SHOULD have gone to the south cape, or RI.  But I didn't.  I decided to take a chance and check out a south shore spot.  I've always wondered what it'd look like in a Nor'easter.

Well, the answer is chocolate water and tons of weed.  I did find just enough clean water to keep me there for about 2 hours.  I fished a bucktail, needle fish, and darter.  I waded out to a rock that has produced for me 90% of the time so far this year, and about 60% of the time last year, and got absolutely beat to a pulp.  I got knocked down twice and a couple times got very close to getting thrown from my perch.  I was tired from the weekend of fishing, and decided to scrap the night when my darter finally came back absolutely covered in weed around high-tide.

The upside: quitting early meant I got almost 9 hours of sleep, which is most I've got for nearly 2 weeks.