Get Ahead Of It

Nor'Easter is coming boys and girls.  40mph winds, 12-15ft seas, rain and 40 degree temperatures.  Time to get out there: NOW!


First Down East [Maine] Stripah

I had the privelege of being in a wedding this weekend in Kennybunkport, ME.  What more, Carly was also in the wedding.  We had a great time over the weekend catching up with old friends and drinking and eating way too much.

But on Friday, Carly had a "ladies luncheon" that I was not invited to.  So what I was I going to do while she was sipping tea and eating pastries?

Fish, obviously.


A Nor'easter on the South Shore

The following post is going to divert from my normal, candid, informal "report" style.  I am attempting to work on my writing in such a way that is more like novel.  This is in response to My Bonefish post, which garnered so many positive comments.  Enjoy.

As I threw my plug bag into the bin in my trunk, I caught a glimpse of a beach-side mansion, and the flag pole out front.  I was drawn to the Massachusettes state flag out of the corner of my eye.  It was pitch dark, but I could see the fabric undulated slowly, in rythmic flaps, and laying limp against the pole.  The North East wind was subsiding.


Sleep, it's overrated

Sleep is something I just can't get used to.  I hate it. I don't like doing it, I think it's a waste of time.

So when I read of reports of "amazing" fishing only 90 minutes away, and I'm not dangerously tired...you can bet I'm going to be there: someway, somehow.

Yes, I report chased last night.  And it paid off I guess!


A Poor Host: Parts 1 & 2

Whenever Robin and I fish, we go big.

But damn it we NEVER seem to manage any fish.  Only 1 time can I think where we did OK, and it was mostly me landing something like a dozen schoolies and a couple keepers, to his 3 or 4.

But back then, we were fishing idiots.  We had no idea what we were doing.

Now?  Well I’d like to think I know at least something, even if Robin has less experience.

 Well, they say history repeats itself.  So the next part shouldn’t be a surprise.

Part 1:


Where are the big fish?

Not too much to report.  I hit the south shore this particular early-morning (night) from about 3am until 9am.  At one of my normal haunts, I managed a pathetic 3 schoolies.  I tried a few things, but the damn SP minnow was the winner for schoolies (as it always is).  I hit my more recently discovered spot nearby shortly after sunset, and missed 2 fish on poppers, and landed one ~26-27” schoolie (the ~ means I measured on my rod but don’t take the time to actually measure).  I’m perplexed by the lack of medium/large fish (20lbs).  I know all this smaller bait (peanuts, anchovies, sand eels, rain bait) isn’t going to bring in the 30lb+ fish, but peanuts specifically definitely attract 20lbers.  So what gives?  I don’t know, but I’m getting frustrated.  Taking tonight off, as Robin is coming this weekend for an epic couple nights: I’m going to need the sleep.

Tired, I decided to just sit down on a rock and watch the sunrise.  Zen.


Blitzes in Sandals

Woke up at 1:45am to make it to one of my absolutely favorite North Shore spots for the final few hours of the outgoing.  Didn't even get a bump, but watched the sun come up on a gorgeous calm day.  I also did some great scouting, and learned things about my spot that I didn't know- after 3 years fishing this spot literally 100s of times from May to November- I still am finding new things.


Weekend Wrap-up: Surface Action!

Friday night, not much to report.  Went to the North Shore, fished perfect conditions, saw lots of small bait.  No fish, maybe one hit I'm not even sure, could have been bottom.  Soul crushing night, fished HARD well into the wee hours.  Saw a few other hard core dudes which I know are quality fisherman, and they were on their way home when I showed up.  Terrible sign.  Should have known.

Saturday night, while totally different location (south shore), was just about as frustrating.  I fly fished for about 4 hours, in even more perfect conditions.  New moon, hard on shore wind, middle of the night tides: absolutely dark as tar out.  Perfect.  But, I was tired, and my wrist was hurting pretty bad.  I struggled in the wind, and only landed 4 or so schoolies, maybe up to around 25".  Cookie cutters.  I admit it, I was cranky because of my wrist, and quit early.

The first and smallest of the fish landed


Threshold Reached

This weekend I fished 3 days, 3 different places.  North Shore, South Shore MA.  SO MUCH BAIT.  Friday night I did a lot of walking w/the spinning rod at low tide doing scouting of various spots.  I saw a few schoolie splashes, but had 0 hits over 5 hours (10pm-3am) of "hunting" for big fish.  So much f-ing bait.  I just can't get over it- 100 yard shoals of small bait.  But, small bait means small fish (generally, especially this time of year).  Saturday night on the South Shore I only fished 2 hours because I was exhausted and wanted to run 25 miles the next day, but found a good tide- just got there to late.  Showed up probably an hour too late, casted for maybe 5 minutes, then had 4 hits in a row on the 10 wt, landed 2 schoolies, and then nothing for the next ~90 minutes before I lost the tide.  Sunday night I was way way to tired to fish.  Monday night I went out again, and found a stiff SW wind.  Made it pretty tough to cast my fly rod, but I had no back-up spinner with me.  It was terrible actually- I was constantly tangled, the wind was over my casting arm so I had to back cast the whole time, I so tired from my run the day before I was damn near shaky, and didn't have the right line for the job (had floating and S/I line, I really needed just I).  But I did manage 5 schoolies, with 4 of them being pretty small, and then 1 around 26".  They were Tarpon Stripers...all jumped a bunch of times.  They seemed a little lethargic after jumping though, and took reviving.  I caught them all on 2/0 chart/white deceivers. The water is HOT for this time of year!  These fish put me over 300 stripers on the season- my "threshold" for a good season already.  I just wish I could find some larger fish- haven't had a fish over 15lbs since June.  Seems like my normal spots the fish are only getting smaller.  The disappearance of peanut bunker recently leaves only the small-small bait and I think there's no incentive for larger fish.  I need to find bigger bait.  I'm going to work on that!

Olde English Fly Shop custom 10wt and 8wt.  The 9/10wt sealed drag reel (on the left) is an incredible value and I'm very happy so far with the performance.  The 8wt reel on the right is extremely light.  Very happy so far.  Will update as I use them more.


So far behind- summer blog re-cap

Time has really gotten away from me.  Summers still here, but I can start to feel the pressure of a waning season.  Yes, we’ve still got what could arguably be called the best 2 months of the year left…but that’s it.  Let me do a quick re-cap of what has been happening the last 4-6 weeks.  These are notes from my log, with some cleaning up for the blog.  I had a few other trips not included, with very few other fish landed.  I also did a little kayaking in the lake near me, but nothing exciting to report, just some small bass, so I didn’t include that in this post.