Blitzes in Sandals

Woke up at 1:45am to make it to one of my absolutely favorite North Shore spots for the final few hours of the outgoing.  Didn't even get a bump, but watched the sun come up on a gorgeous calm day.  I also did some great scouting, and learned things about my spot that I didn't know- after 3 years fishing this spot literally 100s of times from May to November- I still am finding new things.

I left around 8:30am because I was starving and needed coffee bad.  I got some delicious espresso, and found myself sitting in my car with nothing to do around 9:15am.  Hmmm.

I figured with the tide being pretty low I should do a bit more scouting.  And I didn't want to go home yet.  So I took off my side arm bag from my belt, emptied my plug bag of anything but a few pencils and poppers, and a handful of sluggos, tins, and of course an olive SP minnow.  I started to put my waders on, but started sweating even just putting them on.  Meh, f it.  I'm going to just wear my shorts and sandals.

I headed down to a beach I've fished plenty before.  There were a ton of people around, including a large group of kids.  I slowly walked the shore scanning for breaks, troughs, and any other obvious structure.  As I was approaching a known fish spot around some rocks, I saw a bunch of surface action.  I got excited.  I power walked to the spot, climbed onto one of the available rocks, and blasted out my tsunami talkin popper (loaded).

I had a NICE hook up on the first cast!  In my sandals!  I dropped the fish, and on the second cast, had a blow up, a hook up, dropped the fish, and then another schoolie nailed it again.  I lost that too, but I was having a ball.

I ended up only landing a couple schoolies, but had a very nice blue fish cut me off either with it's chompers or on a rock, as it was nosing into the barnacles taking drag.  I was bummed because I haven't landed a blue since last summer.

As I lost my little rip area to a rising tide, the fish moved on.

I walked and scouted for a few more hours and saw SO MUCH BAIT IT WAS INSANE.  Small bait, but so much of it.  I also had a nice chat with a fly fisherman, and as we were talking a schoolie swam right up to us in the wash.  We then saw between 6 and 20 schoolies (it's hard to tell if  they were the same ones or different) over the next 30 minutes, but couldn't get them to hit anything.  I had one follow my rainbow hogy right to my feet, before peeling off- he was so close I could have hit him with the tip of my rod.

I realized I was getting sun burnt, and quit around 2pm.  So, not a lot of fish, but lots of potential- and again, any fish caught during the day AND IN MY SANDALS means a great outing!