Get Ahead Of It

Nor'Easter is coming boys and girls.  40mph winds, 12-15ft seas, rain and 40 degree temperatures.  Time to get out there: NOW!

Being a work night, I didn't want to go anywhere too far away.  This meant the North Shore was out.  I decided I'd head to the closest spot I had in my repertoire, which was on the South Shore.

I texted my casual fishing friend Corey to see if he wanted to join me.  He enthusiastically said he would.  I like to fish alone, a lot, but sometimes it's nice to have company.

I got there JUST as the sun was setting.  I tried a popper for maybe 10 minutes, nothing.  The Nor'east wind was blowing maybe 20, 25mph and the sweep was significant already.

I switched to a round nosed metal lip (Maine-iac, blurple) after it got dark (and boy did it get dark!).  I casted for a while in gorgeous white water before I finally got my first hit.  I dropped the fish, but the next cast I had a great hit and landed a 35-36" fish.  Sweet!  Next cast I landed a 25-26" schoolie.

This all happened right at the slack tide.

I then saw Corey's light approach not long after that, and quickly walked up to him and told him what the "sitch" was.

We walked to the edge of the water, and literally my first cast with the metal lip I hooked up and landed a slightly smaller 24-25" schoolie.

"COULD BE A GOOD NIGHT" I yelled through the gale.

It was quiet for a while after that, and we sorta walked opposite directions.

Eventually, I landed another schoolie, then had another nice fish hook up and dropped him right in the wash.  I was bummed, as I'm sure it was right in that mid-30" range again.

Another 15 minutes with nothing, I tried all kinds of plugs.  Eventually I popped on the SP minnow, and landed another schoolie first cast.  I was having an OK night for sure, but I wanted to see how Corey was doing just down the beach.

I went to talk to him and he said he had had a bunch of short strikes on needles, and landed one 26"+ schoolie right in the wash.  He said he was having fun.

We decided to walk a bit, but found only shallow water and weeds.  I did land 1 more little guy (21-22") on a bottle plug.

We fished for another 30-45 minutes and called it a night around 10:45.  He had to be at work at 7 and I had to be at work by 8:30.  The tide was at such a stage that it was hard to work water effectively, and it needed to get higher to reach some other structure.  It was a good time to quit.

Glad we got out ahead of the storm, seems it paid off.

(This is also our 100th post!)