Sleep, it's overrated

Sleep is something I just can't get used to.  I hate it. I don't like doing it, I think it's a waste of time.

So when I read of reports of "amazing" fishing only 90 minutes away, and I'm not dangerously tired...you can bet I'm going to be there: someway, somehow.

Yes, I report chased last night.  And it paid off I guess!

I'm sure if you follow New England fishing at all, you've by now heard about the fantastic RI fishing going on right now.  Albies, Blues, Stripers: it's a bait bonanza.  The N, NE winds are keeping the surf calm(ish) and clean, and it's been pretty much lights out fishing I guess.

I guess, because I haven't been since May.  This is the first time in a few years I haven't at least gone once to RI in the summer.

I headed down after picking up my suit for an upcoming wedding, and with traffic, didn't get on the sand until after 8pm (Tuesday).  Fine, I've still got 4 hours with my self-imposed time limit of midnight (meaning I won't be in bed until 1:30, and have to be at work by 8).

I start off in my favorite spot.  Wind at my back, I've still got big big rollers coming in.  Solid 4-6 feet!  Great white water.  I fish for an hour with no hits.  I'm finding dirty water, and at first I think maybe that's ok.  It's not terrible, just churned up with a little bit of weed.  Out going tide too, so I'm not going to pick up anymore weed (I hope).

But after 90 minutes of casting without a hit, I knew it was time for a change.

I decide to try some rocks vs. the sandy beach, and get 1 hit on my TA sub darter.  Grrr.  Am I really going to get skunked after hearing how great it's been?

I move again, and as I'm driving past an inlet...I just stop.  I turn around, and park.  I don't know what made me.  I just didn't want to waste even another 10 minutes driving I guess, so this was the next closest spot.  There's so many inlets too, so not sure what was special about this one.

There were fish breaking up under the bridge, but they looked like schoolie splashes, so I made my way to the end of the jetty.  There was a fisherman on the opposite side.  He caught a small keeper while I was standing there, and another schoolie not long after.

But I'm no jetty fisherman, and never being here before, the current was too much for my gear, and I had no bucktails.  The rollers coming in were harrowing too, and I didn't have my korkers (left them in the car).  So, after about 15 minutes of half hearted darter casting, I walked back to sand.

I was running out of time, it was after 11 now.  I decided rather than continue on, I'd just fish the beach here.  Looked good enough, with a small point and good wave action.  And adjacent to the jetty meant some food, and if there were peanuts around, they'd run right into the jetty swimming into the wind.

Literally first cast with my purple flash SP minnow, and right in the wash, I bumped bottom, and bang, I was hooked up.  This was the best fish I've had in a while (month?), and I could tell immediately it was going to be at least high-teens.  I landed the 36" fish without issue, snapped the picture above, measured her in the wash, and had her home in no time.  I'd say, given her rotund appearance, she was pushing 20lbs.

Two casts later, I landed another keeper, this time in the low 30"s.  I switched to a large metal lip- I'm not going to succumb to the damn SP minnow: I could hear the recent Dave Anderson article from The Surfcasters Journal in my mind: if you want big fish, don't get sucked into the small bait.

Cast, cast, cast.  10 minutes- nothing.  Ok I'm desperate.

Switch back to SP minnow...and two casts in a row I landed a 29"ish and just under 28".

Feeling satisfied even if I didnt' catch another fish, I then snapped on a large danny, a big 3.5oz bruiser.

Ugh.  The one that go away.

I hooked up with a special fish on probably my 3rd cast with this (same lure I caught my 45# fish on in June).  My rod was completely bent to the hilt practically, and my drag was slipping.  But after only about 10 seconds, just as a big wave hit me in the chest, she popped off.  No idea what happened.

I swore a lot.

Obviously I casted a bunch more with it, but had no hits.  I walked the beach a little, but had no more hits.  Switched back to the SP and lost 2 schoolies after that.

At 12:20 I quit, knowing I would pay for this in the morning.

So, a decent night, especially since I didn't fish that long and had 0 local intel or scouting to guide me.  Just internet reports.