Weekend Wrap-up: Surface Action!

Friday night, not much to report.  Went to the North Shore, fished perfect conditions, saw lots of small bait.  No fish, maybe one hit I'm not even sure, could have been bottom.  Soul crushing night, fished HARD well into the wee hours.  Saw a few other hard core dudes which I know are quality fisherman, and they were on their way home when I showed up.  Terrible sign.  Should have known.

Saturday night, while totally different location (south shore), was just about as frustrating.  I fly fished for about 4 hours, in even more perfect conditions.  New moon, hard on shore wind, middle of the night tides: absolutely dark as tar out.  Perfect.  But, I was tired, and my wrist was hurting pretty bad.  I struggled in the wind, and only landed 4 or so schoolies, maybe up to around 25".  Cookie cutters.  I admit it, I was cranky because of my wrist, and quit early.

The first and smallest of the fish landed

Sunday night.  Now, Sunday night was fun.  I'm on vacation- fishing vacation- and I decided: f' it, I'm staying up all night.  I started around 10:30 or 11:00pm. I decided I would spot hop until I find what I'm looking for.  I started on the south cape in a well  known big fish spot.  Fished it hard for ~3 hours during slack and tide switch.  Landed 1 "barely" keeper on a classic yellow SS "dahtah".  Scrappy fish, ripped drag which made me chuckle- I have a very blurry picture of my knee to show for that (didn't check the picture, just released the fish oops).  Sometimes, those 27-30" fish will really surprise you.  Nothing after the the initial fish, but lots of shot strikes: minis galore.  Same thing once I went to 2 other spots near by.  Hit after hit, after hit.  Tried to get away, find their mom's, but no luck.  Landed one on the darter, maybe 21-22", dozens of hits in that spot, lost a few after hook up.

Then, it was choice time.  I had a few spots I wanted to scout, but they were very far apart.  I hadn't been to either of them before.  I don't know what made me decide to try the further one.  It doesn't really make sense honestly.  Luck, luck made me do it.

Because, as luck would have it, there were peanut bunker galore in this spot.

And blitzes as the sun came up.

Finally: a better class of fish
I had snapped on a gibbs pencil and was working it in the last of the dark and hooked up with 2 fish before I noticed the bait everywhere.   I dropped both of them, very frustrating.  Especially the first one because it was a nice fish (probably mid-teen lbs).  But, like I said, as the sun came up, there were small surface blitzes popping up all over the area.  I had so fun blasting my poppers (gibbs, tsunami) out as far as I could, 100-120 yards with the calm off shore breeze, and watching the fish blow up on them.  I had a bunch of blow-ups, probably a half dozen hook ups in addition to what I caught.  but I only landed 4 or 5 fish (can't remember exactly by now my brain is fried from fishing so much), but 3 of them were keepers and one was probably 16-18lbs.  Quality fish finally.  Even the smallest was borderline (I didn't measure). Catching keepers in the day light, on surface lures: not much better than that!  I quit after 45 minutes of no action, and was on my way home around 9:30am, very tired.  It's been May since I caught a fish in the day light!

The new spot is a "keeper"- pun intended!