Where are the big fish?

Not too much to report.  I hit the south shore this particular early-morning (night) from about 3am until 9am.  At one of my normal haunts, I managed a pathetic 3 schoolies.  I tried a few things, but the damn SP minnow was the winner for schoolies (as it always is).  I hit my more recently discovered spot nearby shortly after sunset, and missed 2 fish on poppers, and landed one ~26-27” schoolie (the ~ means I measured on my rod but don’t take the time to actually measure).  I’m perplexed by the lack of medium/large fish (20lbs).  I know all this smaller bait (peanuts, anchovies, sand eels, rain bait) isn’t going to bring in the 30lb+ fish, but peanuts specifically definitely attract 20lbers.  So what gives?  I don’t know, but I’m getting frustrated.  Taking tonight off, as Robin is coming this weekend for an epic couple nights: I’m going to need the sleep.

Tired, I decided to just sit down on a rock and watch the sunrise.  Zen.