Still Fish Here...

I’m glad everyone’s quitting fishing here in MA, but I’m also going to tell you first hand- the fat lady isn’t even on stage yet.  Still much fishing to be had…


Perseverance Pays Off

I've been reading/hearing a lot of chatter about how all the fish are gone from MA.  That they left sometime in September- that they're off shore or in RI, or gone to LI.  Let me be the one to tell you- that's a bunch of crap!


October Full Moon Fly

Pictureless again, sorry.  Got out of work early, unexpected, decided to head to the coast.  South shore, 5:30pm-10pm.  Talk about a FULL moon.  The moon was just about as big as I've seen it all year.  The tide switch, sunset, and moon rise all happened within 10 minutes of each other last night.  I don't know what that means, but I took it as a good sign.  The wind was SE at 3-6 mph, and the surf was almost flat.  With a negative tide, I could walk way way out onto the sand flat I was fishing and access areas I've yet to fish all year.  With all the high winds and my hurt wrist, and tough conditions, I haven't had a chance to fly fish in the surf for a while.  I decided I would tonight.


Can't get that smell off me

Friday night, south shore, 8pm-2am...big surf, good winds, nice clean water.  Bait is still around...although not like it was in weeks past.  I fished a couple spots.  The first had lots of white water, and I was a super hopeful...but after 3 hours of walking up and down the shore, I didn't get a hit!  So I headed to one of my favorites.  I found good current with big rollers....and no fish!  Not even a schoolie bump.  I went back to the fist spot to test a lower tide height, where I could reach some deeper water with some mussel beds....nada.
SP minnow for scale at the top


Time is Running Out

Not a report.  I'm just posting as a reminder to anyone reading, and to myself, that time is getting short.  We still have warm weather this week, the water is still warm, but my guess we've only have EIGHT weekends left.  I figure between now and then, I can get out ~25-27 times.  We have 4 moons left- 2 full, 2 new.  So when it comes to questioning, when it comes to "man I'm just so tired and would rather stay home and sleep"- keep in mind- the time is short.  The winter is long, so get out there while you can.

And for "pump you up" motivation, here's a few videos you should watch.



I hate the Fall

"I hate the Fall" -John Skinner

Peanuts at my feet
Long story short, I fished RI south county this weekend, with Robin, from Light house to Light house, for more than 18 hours during mostly dark, but also during sun rise, and middle of the day.  I found acres of anchovies, several large schools of peanut bunker, sand eels, and even adult Menhaden.

Guess how many fish I caught? 0.  Guess how many Robin caught? 0.

Guess how many strikes I had? 4.  Guess how many Robin had? 0.


Still bait around...

Before I start talking about tonight I forgot to mention something about this weekend.  I fished nothing but big lures- I didn’t carry a single SP, swim shad under 6”, no tins, no bombers, nothing small.  I almost exclusively threw big dannys, darters, glide baits, and 18” hogys.  So yeah, I got skunked on Saturday night, and Friday night didn’t go well either, but that was a little intentional.  I know exactly where I could have caught a half dozen or dozen schoolies, but that wasn’t my goal at all- I wanted a big fish for the tourney.  Forgot to mention that.  But it’s also important for tonight.

I was pretty tired, and almost feeling a little burnt out, but I knew I HAD to fish- new moon of October after all.  The next new moon may find us here in MA with little or no fish around.  So I sucked it up and headed out.

I fished south shore Monday night with a light S breeze at my back.  When I first showed the water was calm, and as the night progress it went to absolutely flat.  Tough conditions.  But there was SO much bait in the surf.  Not big bait, little bait, the biggest being maybe 4” long and thin.  Some of it was sand eels no doubt, but some of it wasn’t.  But man, it was the whole area as far as I could walk in any direction.


C&R Tourney Part 2: Nope

Again, no pictures, sorry.  I fished the whole damn south county of RI from 5pm to 12am for 0 strikes, 0 fish.

My plan was to fish open beach for a while, and then at the tide switch a jetty I like, but when I got there...shit, man!  There were TWELVE lights on at one time.  Really guys?  I mean, the colors of the rainbow too- red, green, blue, white, and some kind of yellow light too.  All blinding and all directed right into the water.  Obviously I'm going to move on when I see that mess.

I guess it wasn't just me either because I read elsewhere that no one was catching in So. Co.

So the tourney was a bust for me, and I didn't even get to submit a fish.  Man what a tough weekend, and so much for consistency!  I'm hoping Monday I can get out again, and I'll report back when I do.


Almost laid on a seal, 1 keeper and some rats

No pictures, sorry.  Fished 10pm to 5am.  Went to a couple of my top producing spots, as I was trying to place again in the Surfcasters Journal Catch and Release Tournament.  Was very surprised (not sure why) to find super calm conditions at the first spot.  And only a couple fish, one around 30" the other around 26".  I carried NO SP minnows, no swim shads, no small lures of any kind: going big or going home.

Next location is rocky and I went "outside the box" and fished a couple micro-areas of this larger boulder strewn area that I had never tried.  I figured I need to try something new because I'd only been producing schoolies and mid-teen fish for the last couple weeks (minus a 20lb fish in RI) and was going to need at least a 40" to place in the tourney.

Well, needless to say, it didn't pay off.  I had some hits from small fish but no hook ups.  And man did I work hard when the wind switched from SW at 10mph to NW at 30mph.  Scrambling is hard work and casting into the driving wind with a 2oz metal lip is no picnic either.

One funny thing that happened was as I was swimming out to a rock I noticed what I thought was a clump of seaweed on it.  As I got to the rock (which was above my head) I shinned my light up on it and low and behold my hand was inches away from a baby harbor seal.  Damn near scared me to death.  The seal didn't even react, even as I blinded it with my light.  Little guy looked really tired, and I decided to give him the rock, and I moved on to an adjacent one.  I casted there for 30 minutes, and the seal never moved a muscle.


Seeing a trend here

South shore weekday night, fished a little later this time, 8pm-12:30am.  Less white water, calmer conditions.  Ran into a guy coming off the spot as I was getting ready.  Didn't take that as a good sign, but he told me he only had a couple short strikes around sunset- but he also said all he fished was an SP in bone, and an SP in blurple.  Bro, maybe try a different profile?
Looks small but I promise it was 29".  My new 11ft rod and VS200 make it look smaller I guess.
Anyways, I fished for a while in a pretty wide area with a variety of things waiting for the tide to get high and switch.  When it did, I snapped on a weighted sluggo and starting getting strikes immediately.  So many short fish dropped, several jumped.  Finally had a nice hookup and  landed a 29" fish.  After a bunch of missed fish, I then switched to an atom 40 style plug in dark over light and landed I think something like 5 schoolies.  All were much smaller than earlier in the week, two were no more than 20-21".  OK, moving on when I get into those fish.  But I'm definitely seeing a trend here.  When the tide switches, the fish move in, and I assume they're chowing down on sand eels, because I can't find any other bait.

But, couldn't find anything bigger the rest of the night, landed only 1 other schoolie of 22-24" (I didn't take any time to really measure).  I fished everything I had.

Gorgeous night, easy fishing.  The cold weather is coming, but when?  I can't get over how nice it's been so far in October, save those few days of hard NE blow.


Too weak to resist the tug

Alright, I admit it.  Last night I totally succumbed to the "I just want to put a bend in the rod" mentality.  Usually, I try and cull bigger fish and move on when I find schoolies under 25", but tonight, I just couldn't walk away from the action.


Redemption? Meh, not really.

Looking for redemption from last night, I decided I'd give it another go before I took Sunday off to accomplish some things around the house (change brakes, mow lawn, clean house, etc.).


A good example of when fishing isn't fun

I fished all night tonight.  Very wild conditions; 30-40mph winds, 10ft+ seas.  I started on the South Shore and ended on the South Cape.  I'm not even going to report on everything, here's just a list of all the bad things that happened: