A good example of when fishing isn't fun

I fished all night tonight.  Very wild conditions; 30-40mph winds, 10ft+ seas.  I started on the South Shore and ended on the South Cape.  I'm not even going to report on everything, here's just a list of all the bad things that happened:

-Caught one fish, 27", at 5:30am, fished for 10 hours total.
-Lost 2 bucktails, a needle fish, and a pencil popper ($61 total)
-Found one of my spots suddenly restricted to daylight fishing only
-Found that my rod was actually broken (eye split) and hence the lost lures.  Forced to buy new rod as warranty rod won't be here in time for new season (I won't buy a rod online ever again).
-Chafed so bad I had a hard time walking normally even the next day (unknown why, first time this season)