Almost laid on a seal, 1 keeper and some rats

No pictures, sorry.  Fished 10pm to 5am.  Went to a couple of my top producing spots, as I was trying to place again in the Surfcasters Journal Catch and Release Tournament.  Was very surprised (not sure why) to find super calm conditions at the first spot.  And only a couple fish, one around 30" the other around 26".  I carried NO SP minnows, no swim shads, no small lures of any kind: going big or going home.

Next location is rocky and I went "outside the box" and fished a couple micro-areas of this larger boulder strewn area that I had never tried.  I figured I need to try something new because I'd only been producing schoolies and mid-teen fish for the last couple weeks (minus a 20lb fish in RI) and was going to need at least a 40" to place in the tourney.

Well, needless to say, it didn't pay off.  I had some hits from small fish but no hook ups.  And man did I work hard when the wind switched from SW at 10mph to NW at 30mph.  Scrambling is hard work and casting into the driving wind with a 2oz metal lip is no picnic either.

One funny thing that happened was as I was swimming out to a rock I noticed what I thought was a clump of seaweed on it.  As I got to the rock (which was above my head) I shinned my light up on it and low and behold my hand was inches away from a baby harbor seal.  Damn near scared me to death.  The seal didn't even react, even as I blinded it with my light.  Little guy looked really tired, and I decided to give him the rock, and I moved on to an adjacent one.  I casted there for 30 minutes, and the seal never moved a muscle.