C&R Tourney Part 2: Nope

Again, no pictures, sorry.  I fished the whole damn south county of RI from 5pm to 12am for 0 strikes, 0 fish.

My plan was to fish open beach for a while, and then at the tide switch a jetty I like, but when I got there...shit, man!  There were TWELVE lights on at one time.  Really guys?  I mean, the colors of the rainbow too- red, green, blue, white, and some kind of yellow light too.  All blinding and all directed right into the water.  Obviously I'm going to move on when I see that mess.

I guess it wasn't just me either because I read elsewhere that no one was catching in So. Co.

So the tourney was a bust for me, and I didn't even get to submit a fish.  Man what a tough weekend, and so much for consistency!  I'm hoping Monday I can get out again, and I'll report back when I do.