I hate the Fall

"I hate the Fall" -John Skinner

Peanuts at my feet
Long story short, I fished RI south county this weekend, with Robin, from Light house to Light house, for more than 18 hours during mostly dark, but also during sun rise, and middle of the day.  I found acres of anchovies, several large schools of peanut bunker, sand eels, and even adult Menhaden.

Guess how many fish I caught? 0.  Guess how many Robin caught? 0.

Guess how many strikes I had? 4.  Guess how many Robin had? 0.

Yeah it was that kind of weekend.  It's got to be Robins fault.  He's like my curse.

Strong off shore wind meant super calm conditions.  The tides were great, the water temperature was great, and with a very cold weather snap, everything just seemed to be perfect.  But the fish just didn't show.

And we almost froze to death Saturday night since it was 33 degrees and we were wetsuiting!  Oops.

We had bird action a couple times too and just couldn't put the pieces together.  A few times it was definitely albies, running too fast for blues or bass.

The fish are around though- you run into people here and there "I caught a 40" fish yesterday" or "I had 3 fish over 20lbs today"...just you have to be there.  Guy at the bait shop told me it's been great...guess that makes me a noob?

Those that are finding fish seem to be finding monster blues and good bass.  But, with so much bait, it seemed to me you had to just be "lucky" and be in the right spot.  OK, not luck, but you had to be more knowledgeable about local waters than I down that way.  And in the fall with peanuts around, day time action is good, but I just am not used to that, and so focused almost all my time at night.

I fished every plug imaginable, but relied heavily on metal lips swimmers- round nose and danny style.  My only hits came on sluggos, and they all came 3 casts in a row.  Except for 1 blow up on a pencil from a big fish Saturday morning.

I did have a sea-gull fly into my line, which I rescued and cut free after getting bit by it a ton and deep wading back to shore with it.  Kinda cool- kinda painful getting pecked and bit so much by this big guy.

And I did get to help this guy unhook an albie, and then fly fished with him for a few hours.  So it's not all bad.  That was really enjoyable and he gave me some pointers on flies, and I felt like at least I wasn't casting into a barren sea.

Now, back to focusing on MA.