October Full Moon Fly

Pictureless again, sorry.  Got out of work early, unexpected, decided to head to the coast.  South shore, 5:30pm-10pm.  Talk about a FULL moon.  The moon was just about as big as I've seen it all year.  The tide switch, sunset, and moon rise all happened within 10 minutes of each other last night.  I don't know what that means, but I took it as a good sign.  The wind was SE at 3-6 mph, and the surf was almost flat.  With a negative tide, I could walk way way out onto the sand flat I was fishing and access areas I've yet to fish all year.  With all the high winds and my hurt wrist, and tough conditions, I haven't had a chance to fly fish in the surf for a while.  I decided I would tonight.

Work-night fishing  trips are always easiest if I just go to a location that is as close as possible, and just stick with 1 plan: no spot hopping.  I realize that often means less catching, but I just can't make it complicated when I only have a few hours to fish.  So that's what I did.

I did first fish sundown with pencils for about 1 hour before dropping that stuff back at the car, getting a snack, and heading back out with the 10wt.

2 casts in I hooked up and landed a feisty 20-21" little guy.  There were so many sand eels at this spot, I figured I'd have to at least get into a schoolie or two.  And over the last few months, these sand eels have only gotten bigger- much bigger.  Hopefully in the coming weeks when much of the other bait is gone, these guys will stick around and lead to a few nights of better fishing.  I can hope.

Turns out that'd be it for the night- 2 schoolies.  Both little.  The first right when I started, the second right when I was about to quit, with one hit I couldn't capitalize on in between.  I didn't care because I really enjoy fly fishing, and I need to work on my skill in the surf.  I really need to work on not getting tangled, even with the stripping basket I spend at least 30% of my time untangling my line.

Here's a theory I have- it's totally BS, but hear me out.  For every fish caught on the fly, it's about equivalent to 5 on the spinning rod.  At least, when I was experimenting this summer with 1 spot (you can go back through the blog and see what I'm talking about), I'd catch about 10-15 schoolies one night on the spinner, and the next I'd fly fish and catch 3-5.  I did both in the same night as well, and it seemed I'd do about 3 or 5:1 spinning to fly.

So by that logic, I caught 10 schoolies last night hahaha!  How about that for a fish story?