Redemption? Meh, not really.

Looking for redemption from last night, I decided I'd give it another go before I took Sunday off to accomplish some things around the house (change brakes, mow lawn, clean house, etc.).

This time I started on the South Cape and found some BIG water.  Much bigger than I had expected for an off shore wind!  I fished it for about an hour, but I was exhausted and getting nailed by 10ft rollers over and over was just not happening.

I then tried a few outlet areas with no success.  PSA: If you shine your super-uber headlamp into the water, and then cast right where you're shinning, you're not going to catch any fish.  And if you shine it at me again, I'm going to yell profanity at you until you stop.  That is all.

Those bro's where also the only people I saw fishing all weekend.

I moved on to my final spot on the South Shore, where I had started on Friday night.  The surf was the biggest I think I have ever successfully worked.  It took a 3oz bucktail and a loaded stubby needle, but I was able to do it.  My new Cedros CSX 11ft rod was fantastic for this; maybe it's serendipidous that my other rod broke so I'd have this really great distance rod for these conditions.  I think I could up the braid to 40lb now on this rod, but really like it so far.

Anyways about 15 minutes in I had what I thought was a hit but couldn't believe it.  Then it happened again, and yet I still didn't hook up on the bucktail, which was crazy.

I put on this lure, shown here, that I don't even know what the make is.  I got it in a lot of other stuff and forget who makes it.  Anyways, it's great, it casts better than anything ever, and it's heavy so it works the pounding surf well.

Only about 5 casts in I hooked up with a fish, and it slipped my drag.  I though instantly it had to be a small keeper, but found it was only about 24-25".  It just used the undertow effectively I guess.  I was so happy to pull a fish out of that mess, even if it was just a schoolie.

Next cast I snagged the sand eel in the picture.  Good intel, as hopefully these guys will stick around well into November and I can pull some fish from here when many of the other spots stop producing.

Anyways, I quit by 11:15, exhausted and craving sleep.  I drove home feeling somewhat redeemed from last night, not because I caught anything, but simply because nothing went wrong.  Phew.

Now...time to start thinking about the surfcasters journal tournament next weekend....