Seeing a trend here

South shore weekday night, fished a little later this time, 8pm-12:30am.  Less white water, calmer conditions.  Ran into a guy coming off the spot as I was getting ready.  Didn't take that as a good sign, but he told me he only had a couple short strikes around sunset- but he also said all he fished was an SP in bone, and an SP in blurple.  Bro, maybe try a different profile?
Looks small but I promise it was 29".  My new 11ft rod and VS200 make it look smaller I guess.
Anyways, I fished for a while in a pretty wide area with a variety of things waiting for the tide to get high and switch.  When it did, I snapped on a weighted sluggo and starting getting strikes immediately.  So many short fish dropped, several jumped.  Finally had a nice hookup and  landed a 29" fish.  After a bunch of missed fish, I then switched to an atom 40 style plug in dark over light and landed I think something like 5 schoolies.  All were much smaller than earlier in the week, two were no more than 20-21".  OK, moving on when I get into those fish.  But I'm definitely seeing a trend here.  When the tide switches, the fish move in, and I assume they're chowing down on sand eels, because I can't find any other bait.

But, couldn't find anything bigger the rest of the night, landed only 1 other schoolie of 22-24" (I didn't take any time to really measure).  I fished everything I had.

Gorgeous night, easy fishing.  The cold weather is coming, but when?  I can't get over how nice it's been so far in October, save those few days of hard NE blow.