Still Fish Here...

I’m glad everyone’s quitting fishing here in MA, but I’m also going to tell you first hand- the fat lady isn’t even on stage yet.  Still much fishing to be had…

I ran up the cape to fish the outer beaches with Corey on Saturday night.  I skipped Friday night so I’d be rested, because it’s a long drive, and even if I had left at 11 or 12, it’s 2.5 hours back…I didn’t want to be driving when I was really tired, so I sacrificed for “one more trip” to the outer beach paradises.

I stopped at Goose Hummock for some provisions…they didn’t have as much stuff as I was hoping, but I did get a couple quality, huge, Lemi needles, and picked up a couple back up mag darters.

I made it to meet Corey right around 5.  I scarfed down my calzone, and we were in the sand by about 5:30.

The SW wind was at least 10mph, gusting close to 15, and there was actually a decent chop/wave to the water.  It seemed like things could be good- all the warm inshore water from the last few days would be pushed out onto the outer cape- or that’s what I liked to think…even if it does have to wrap around significant shoreline ha!  Low tide was around 9pm, so our plan was to fish a relatively “small” area (still several miles) until the switch, then move around if we didn’t get into a significant body of fish.

Corey dropped his stuff in the sand, walked directly to the water, and on his 2nd cast had a schoolie on the beach (pictured above).  A few casts later, he caught a smaller fish on a teaser.  He’s all needle, all the time (ok not really, but he does love needles- they’ve been super effective for him).

I went hitless for at least a ½ hour.  Then, I dropped a fish on a mag darter (I’m weak, I threw it because of my results Thursday), and switched to a SS darter.  I then hooked up and lost a very nice fish right in the wash.  This was at least in the mid/high teens, and I’d guess closer to twenty five pounds.  I didn’t stop swearing for at least 10 minutes, just a constant stream of F bombs.  I then dropped ANOTHER fish on the darter.  It was too much, and I went to talk to Corey, and vent (he was out of ear shot), and on my way back, I landed my first fish of the night…26-27”.

That got the ball rolling.  I landed a few more fish all right around the same size, and then landed a ~30” small keeper.  All on the yellow over white SS darter.  Corey landed one more schoolie during this period.  I think I lost about 6 fish, what’s up with that?  And Corey did too, I think maybe there were little guys mixed in.  He also lost a much nicer fish as I was standing next to him.  He swore a lot too.

This all happened before 8PM.  Then between 8 and 9, we didn’t get any hits.  So we decided to move around for a while.  This yielded us nothing, but we did shoot the breeze which was fun.

We returned to the same area we had the other fish, and for a little while all was quiet (it's like, 10:30pm now).  But then I picked up a schoolie.  Then another.  Then another.  A slow pick of 25-26" schoolies on the SS darter over the next 30 minutes.

Corey wasn't accomplishing the same thing, and it wasn't exactly thrilling action, and it was getting later.  I felt I could leave having 8 or so fish and not much effort for it.  And on Halloween no less!

But as we were debating how much longer to stay, I got into a string of schoolies.  I think I landed 4 fish in 6 casts?  Something like that.  Maybe it was 5, I don't have my logs in front of me right this second.  I lost a couple, and it looked like things would heat up.

But they didn't, and after another hour we called it quits.  Corey hadn't had a hit for a while.  It turns out the darter was the key.  They just couldn't resist it.  Corey told me later he'd never seen anyone thrown one out this way, and most guys don't carry anything BUT needles out this far on the cape.  Well, there will be at least 2 of us that do now!  I'm telling you: there are lures that work, and there are lures that almost ALWAYS work.  There are 3 lures I believe almost always work: the sluggo, the SS darter, and the SP minnow.  Day or night.

So, the fishing continues.  Now into November, it could dry up quick.  Get out and catch em up before it get's really tough (holdovers) or you have to drive super far (RI, NY, NJ)!

Epilogue: I got pulled over TWICE on the way home.  Both for speeding, and both got off with not even a formal warning.  I guess they were trying to nab drunk folks, and I just got in the crossfire.