Can I hear that fat lady warming up?

The fat lady ain't singing yet, but she's warming up I think.  Water temperature and bait situations are both great, but looking at the forecast, we're in for some serious wind conditions.  I think this could help in the short term, and hurt in the long term.  We'll see, and I'll be giving it a go at least 2x a week until Dec 4 anyways!
Any-who, a quick summary of 2 weekends nights because I don’t have much time to write.

I fished Friday and Saturday night.  Friday I started out with Corey and we fished one of my many spots for about 3 hours, maybe a little less.  It was dark, foggy, with favorable wind conditions, and we both kept saying it felt really fishy.  But we didn’t get any hits.  The structure has definitely changed here since June.  I think that is playing a part.  I threw everything, but focused on sluggos and darters.  When we got back to the car, Corey decided he’d head home (he had to work on a Saturday, bummer).  I can’t remember the last time it was 60 degrees at night in November two nights in a row, so I figured I’d better take advantage.  I fished 2 other locations after that- one sandy, one rocky- for zero hits.  I found acres of sand eels in both locations, and had swirling/splashing/breaking fish in both as well.  In the first spot, the fish seemed small, but it’s always hard to tell.  However, at the second spot, I had a fish swirl behind me (I was only thigh deep) and I actually saw its shape move by me, and it that was certainly at least a borderline keeper and could have been much larger.   I fished until almost 3am (it was so nice out!), so nearly 8 hours.  I really was surprised I didn’t catch, everything seemed good.  Left me feeling a little puzzled- I know it’s November now, but there’s definitely fish around (I got a report the next day of a dude slaying large schoolies nearby).  I thought, maybe it’s because I didn’t have teasers with me- in fact I haven’t fished them all year.  With small bait (eels, minnows) I should be, and that next morning/day I spent time tying them up with redgills, 5" sluggos, and the small storm sand eels.

So Saturday night then I was all jazzed up again- yeah, teasers, teasers are going to light up the action!  I know it, they’re the key!  Look at how awesome these little storm sand eels look in the water!  On shore wind, low 50’s, another pleasant night!  Sold a kayak so had to wait until 7 to leave after I met the guy, so I was later than I wanted but whatever, my “plans” haven’t been working out so great anyways.

Cut to the chase- I fished the same two locations and got 0 hits again- except for the mackerel I caught on the teaser pictured above.  When this happened, the alarm bells in my head were going off like crazy.  BIG FISH BAIT.  So…yeah not exactly proud of this…I dug around, got my snag hook, hooked it through the tail of the 1-1.5lb mackerel, and tried to cast it back out there hahaha!  I almost snapped my poor Airwave Elite rod (rated 1-3.5oz) but she did cast a couple times ok!  Anyways after maybe 10 minutes of this non-sense I put lures back on and beat the water to a froth with my dannys, atom style swimmers, darters, swim shads, and even a tin and, yes, the damn SP.  Nothing.  So I went back to the teaser/darter set up again, and basically stuck with that the rest of the night, minus a few “switch it up” jaunts with a redfin and an atom style swimmer.
Friday Night before I headed Home

In the second spot I was walking to my favorite area and as I got close, a camera flash damn near scared me to death.  I was no more than 100 feet from someone and had no idea.  Since I don’t know who’s friendly and who’s not around here, I kept my distance.  I don’t think they saw me- but I did see a brief flash of the fish, and it was a small keeper.  I then never saw a light again, nor the person again, the rest of the night until much, much later as I was leaving, I saw them walking towards me with a very dim light.  So maybe they did see me and were avoiding me.  Hard core dude?  Probably, he found my tiny spot in this much larger stretch of beach and was “camped out” on it- which while I couldn’t then fish it, it confirmed to me what I already knew, that this was a productive stretch.  I finally called it quits around 1am after taking a few casts with my new Century SS rod I took as trade credits towards one of our kayaks.  It’s a beast, 1328 rated 3-7oz, I took it as trade for a couple reasons, but mostly for throwing big wood lures of 2-5oz.  But it’s a bit too fast for me, so I think I’ll try and trade it for a stealth or lamiglass of similar quality.  But I’ll give it the rest of the season first before I decide.