Winding Down. 5 Trip Re-cap

Tough week.  Here's the re-cap.  It might be over for me...here's hoping that's not true.

Real quick re-cap.  Maybe I'll go backwards, since you're probably interested in the latest conditions.

11/28 So. Co RI.  Fished 7pm-12am.  I was "lazy".  I decided to fish one beach and just go all in and do some walking.  Yeah, you can drive it.  But I don't have 4x4.  Nor have I ever felt I've needed.  Anyways, I love this beach.   And I figured I wasn't going to catch anything anyways.  It was just too nice, and I had nothing better to do.  And it's going to be a LONG winter. There were decent little rollers coming in, but the wind was at my back.  It was frothy, stained water from the hard SW that had been blowing- like stirred up coffee with a couple shots of cream.  As soon as I saw it I knew I was in a for a slow night.  Well, that's what it ended up being- real slow.  No, not slow, not moving.  Not a hit, not a fish.  Lots of lures thrown.  No bait.  Absolutely NO fisherman.  0.  Not a single one.  Crazy.  Guess I missed something.  I fished a back water after I gave up on the beach for at most 5 minutes, and then just stopped at an inlet to see what was going on.  No one there.  0.  I took "three final casts" like normal, and got a pit in my stomach at #3...maybe it was my last of the season?  We'll see.  There's definitely fish around, if the whispers I hear are true- in fact, the guys I talked with on Tuesday agreed with me- there definitely could be one last push of fish.  We can hope right?  I'm busy this week and next weekend...I may not have time to chase them is what I fear.  The water is SO WARM still.  It's crazy.  I could have wetsuited last night (11/27) without a doubt.

11/27 So. Co. RI.  Fished 8pm-1:30am.  REALLY wanted to fish Thanksgiving night, but drank too much and couldn't make it happen. Not nearly as lazy this night.  I fished fairly close to one of the lights- take your guess at that- and saw 0 fisherman.  I found gorgeous rolling white water.  The wind was kinda interesting, low at times, and then gusting to at least 25mph.  I walked and fished, walked and fish. walked and fished.  Not a touch.  Worked a darter and bottle plug a lot, but could (and did) cast an SP and mag darter for a while.  Then I jumped to another beach, the same as Tuesday (11/24), but found no bait, not fish, no humans.  I was dead tired by the time I quit, and was happy to get back to the car and chow down my turkey sandwich.  Oh...the temperature?  Almost 60.  Why there weren't a million guys out fishing, I have NO idea.  I guess, for me, it ain't about the fish.

11/24 So. Co. RI.  Fished 8pm-12:00am.  IT WAS ONLY 19 DEGREES.  I somehow managed without gloves somehow. Work night, but figured Wednesday would be a relatively easy day at work (almost 3/4 of the staff is out).  Hit my favorite beach, to find DEAD calm conditions.  I mean, DEAD flat.  I grabbed the "little" rod because...why not.  It's rated to 2oz anyways, but at 8ft, even a 25" schoolie puts up a really fun struggle.   It's a little tough to toss a danny plug, but I  manage.  Anyways, I walked on the beach to find bait in the wash.  I was stoked.  I fished for MAYBE 10 minutes with a danny, then a mag darter for 5 more...and had a light tap, and set the hook.  A nice tussle, some drag pull, thrashing on the surface, and I had beached a decent little keeper- 28" just about on the nose (post measurement using the rod).  Three casts later and I had one more hit that I didn't land.  That would be it!  Not another hit.  But I found a HUGE bait ball SCREAMING down the beach, being chased, no doubt- it didn't look like happy little bait fishies.  I, naturally, jogged after it, casting my mag darter into the mess, and getting no interest.  Later, I was walking back to my car, and came upon a few peanuts on the beach!  WTF!  I started casting like mad, everything I had.  Nada.  I did run into 2 guys scouting the beach, but without rods.  They said they hadn't had anything in a week.  Although, I also told them I didn't HA.  But they were pretty loose lipped, so I think they were being honest.  Well, that one fish might be my last of the season.  But I sure hope not.

11/13  South Shore MA.  Probably my last MA trip of 2015.  I fly fished for 4 hours in the afternoon near an estuary for any stragglers (I had taken the day off since I had it).  I found bait- not tons, but not just a few little minnows either.  I felt like shit though.  SCREAMING west wind.  Screaming.  I managed to back cast into the deep areas over and over and over, despite the way I felt and the wind.  I ended up getting sick that night and couldn't get out the whole rest of the weekend.  SUCH a bummer, because I had high hopes given what I had been hearing about the canal, and I had Wed-Sun off.  I should have known something was up when I was so tired on Thursday (the 12th) I just skipped the day completely.  Especially since I knew there were plenty of schoolies still around (yes, got that second hand, but reliable).  So that crushed my November, and ended any chance (likely) that I would get another double digit night in 2015.

11/10  Outer Cape.  Nor'Easter.  I might write this up as a full post.  So short on details- I didn't catch any fish but it was TRULY epic.  40mph winds, driving rain, seas built to 7-8 ft while I was out.  Felt like I was on the moon.  SO dark.  And I walked over 6 miles.  I fished 9pm-3am!  THAT was a tough night.  I rolled the dice: it was either going to be the best night of fishing ever, or I was going to be skunked.  There would be no alternative.  And skunk it was.