Outfront in May

I arrived at the parking lot fully geared up in my wetsuit.  Much to my chagrin, there was a truck parked in “my” spot with a canal bike.  Being a Saturday night, I had already thought through this scenario on my way down the highway, and had plan “B” ready to go if he/they were on my rock.

I crept towards the spot, taking off my Korkers so I could sneak up on him and watch to see what he was doing.  I was disappointed to see that yes, he was standing on “the” rock.

But, he was fast to a fish.  And next cast, as I stood in the gentle S wind watching him, he landed another.  Schoolies, but not a bad sign.  Straining my eyes in the dark, from about 200 feet away I could make out the faint outline of an eel on his line.  As I watched, he pulled out his cellphone and called his buddy.  Turns out he would do that after nearly every fish the rest of the night.  Incredibly irritating but not uncommon these days.

I debated clicking my red light on to alert him to my presence.  I’ve been cast over before when out on a rock, and without him having any idea I was here, I feared his buddies would show up and start casting eels into my back.

I decided not to.


Slow Pick on a Bright Night

Slow pick last night, just a few fish, including 1 fish that was decent at 28" and change.  Super Strike Parrot darter wins the night.

I didn't end up getting to leave until almost two hours later than I wanted to last night, helping Carly with her new car, but at least I got out.  It was warm, calm night.  Well, relatively anyways.  About 53 degrees, and a 5-8mph S wind.

I fished the slack water and the start of the ebb- just a tad over two hours of fishing, but it was a work night and as it was I didn't get in bed until 1:30am.


End The Suffering: Take Your Fishing Clothing Seriously

PSA: Stop wearing jeans to fish.

This weekend I had two people stop me and ask about my wetsuit.  “How are you wetsuiting in these cold temperature!?!?” was the general question.

This led to a long conversation with one gentleman much my senior, and a short one with one my junior.

Let me give some clothing tips that I think I’m actually qualified to provide after years of cold wear activities from running, cycling and skiing to fishing, hunting, and hiking.  These will not apply to just wetsuiting, but to Waders as well. 


Big Blues- Robin's Long Island Report

Below is from Robin:

"Headed out Saturday morning around first light.  Fished a popular inlet with lots of out going current- was all alone minus one other fisherman.  Lost a few fish early on- one of which felt decent.


Big girls are in, and I found some

I haven’t heard much in the way of big fish yet, so let me break the story?  The bigger fish are here in MA, and I intercepted a couple of them this weekend.  Including a 20lber+!

VS200 behind fish helps you tell scale better.  Quick, terrible, pictures so I wouldn't be spotted.



I'm not one to be overflowing with pride, ego, or bragging.  But I do consider myself to be an observant and meticulous fisherman.  I have been working hard, as hard as I ever have, to tease apart the factors that are important for identifying patterns and successful strategies for catching bass.  I, like some others, am really fishing for patterns.  If I just wanted to catch, I'd buy a boat, or at least be out in my kayak.

Or fish the canal.

So last weekend was that much harder.  I fished what I thought were the right patterns.  And I was rewarded with nothing but a good amount of sleep deprivation, and a $30 tab in gas for my car.


Lucks gotta change?

I honestly found myself wondering if I was the only one out last night.  Won't be many out tonight either.  The weather is TOUGH right now.  All the freshwater estuaries are colder or as cold as the ocean, and the ocean is still hovering in the high-40s.  I'm losing my mind because if it was 10 degrees warmer out- as it should be- I "know" the fishing would be great here in MA.  But the combination of strong NE winds and COLD temps are really keeping things from breaking open.

I fished a premium tide last night under the blackest of conditions.  I had everything I could ask for in a way; all but one.  Temperature.  I could deal with the wind, it's the high of 47 we as fisherman just can't do anything about- you can use or hide from the wind, but you can't beat a 47 degree ocean and 50 degree rainy days.  Just no thermal energy to warm the water.

Anyways I fished late last night, knowing full well I had a 5% chance of getting into a good bite.  I think I told Robin 2%.


Lucky to Be Fishing; Embarrassed by the Results

As promised, this was the first weekend out in New England for me.  Let me first say, I have the most wonderfully supportive wife in the world.  It's her Birthday this weekend, and despite it being a big one, she didn't even complain once about me leaving to go fishing TWICE- missing two whole evenings with her.  I really do appreciate that, and had time to reflect on it with all the interstate drive time.  I do not deny for even a millisecond, I'm a lucky guy who in no way deserves her.

So anyways, I started fishing Friday night in MA.  The original plan was to fish RI, after seeing at least 10 reports of "off the charts" fishing- a couple I trusted, and a few I didn't, but in aggregate I figured at least there were SOME fish around.  But then I saw a report from an acquaintance of my mine on the North Shore that he was into schoolies on Thursday afternoon/evening.  My hands practically trembled reading that.  This, in combination with the fact that I had a very terrible week at work (ever heard of an R01 grant?), convinced me I didn't want or need to drive 100 minutes to RI but could stay closer to home.

If you don't want to read any further: I got skunked all weekend.  Embarrassing.  Like, I legitimately feel embarrassed.  Details in the rest of the post: