Big Blues- Robin's Long Island Report

Below is from Robin:

"Headed out Saturday morning around first light.  Fished a popular inlet with lots of out going current- was all alone minus one other fisherman.  Lost a few fish early on- one of which felt decent.
 As the sun rose up to full height I found a nice deep area, which I'm proud of myself for finding on Google Maps- it was supreme.  Popper wasn't happening, so I switched to a metal lip swimmer in yellow.  No fish were showing, but I caught this beautiful ~33" blue fish, another around 30", and a smaller one around 23-25" in the span of a 1/2 hour or so.  The 33" is pictured, and was a bruiser- I thought I had foul hooked something.  First fish of 2016 for me.  An SP minnow yielded me another blue fish on the way back to the car.  They're in thick on Long Island right now.  I lost what was probably a bass on a 7" Sluggo as well, the rubber bait came back without any teeth marks after I dropped the fish.  I started to get hot around 10 (new Stormr surf top is amazing) and decided to head back to the car, and go scout another area.  That other area yielded a lot of idiots chunking and blasting music, and 0 fish."

I'm hoping to have more reports from Robin on Long Island this year as he hopes to find more time to fish.