I'm not one to be overflowing with pride, ego, or bragging.  But I do consider myself to be an observant and meticulous fisherman.  I have been working hard, as hard as I ever have, to tease apart the factors that are important for identifying patterns and successful strategies for catching bass.  I, like some others, am really fishing for patterns.  If I just wanted to catch, I'd buy a boat, or at least be out in my kayak.

Or fish the canal.

So last weekend was that much harder.  I fished what I thought were the right patterns.  And I was rewarded with nothing but a good amount of sleep deprivation, and a $30 tab in gas for my car.

And it seems everyone's been tied into fish yet, but me.  My ego has been pretty bruised, I admit it.

I fished my local honey hole Friday night, knowing the conditions just weren't right.  It was cold.  The water was cold.  I never got "that feeling" and had no strikes despite what looked like great conditions- it was just too cold!  Back to the estuary I guess?  I bopped along the shore for a while half heatedly, and gave up around 2am.  A lot of weed in the water, but not as much as I thought honestly, and I was able to work darters and swimming plugs about 1/3 of casts with 0 weed among rock and sand.  Sluggos went weed free.

Saturday I skipped.  Way too tired this early in the season.

Sunday night I went down to RI for some day time scouting.  Found a new and great area filled with potential.  But just no fish.  I threw a lot of buck-tails Sunday during the afternoon and evening.  I took a break to eat and get another coffee, and then fished from about 7 through 10pm at the normal haunts.  Starting out, I just didn't have that feeling, and it felt like I was fishing into an empty sea.  Until all of a sudden at about 8pm, just as it was really getting dark, I saw bunker jumping out of the water and big splashes.  I was all fired up, but I just couldn't casts even 1/2 the distance to the fish- not even with a needle plug and a "try and break it off" power cast.  It was frustrating, and I walked away feeling pretty irritated.

I'm dying for Friday.  VENGENANCE