Lucks gotta change?

I honestly found myself wondering if I was the only one out last night.  Won't be many out tonight either.  The weather is TOUGH right now.  All the freshwater estuaries are colder or as cold as the ocean, and the ocean is still hovering in the high-40s.  I'm losing my mind because if it was 10 degrees warmer out- as it should be- I "know" the fishing would be great here in MA.  But the combination of strong NE winds and COLD temps are really keeping things from breaking open.

I fished a premium tide last night under the blackest of conditions.  I had everything I could ask for in a way; all but one.  Temperature.  I could deal with the wind, it's the high of 47 we as fisherman just can't do anything about- you can use or hide from the wind, but you can't beat a 47 degree ocean and 50 degree rainy days.  Just no thermal energy to warm the water.

Anyways I fished late last night, knowing full well I had a 5% chance of getting into a good bite.  I think I told Robin 2%.

I just can't let the new moon slip by without fishing, I can't.  Plus, the tides are stellar right now (my opinion).  And I'm DYING to get out after a long winter.

So I fished some protected estuary waters for ~3 hours last night.  This isn't a spot I generally catch a lot of fish but I will pick up a few early in the year like this.

Last night was another heart breaker, where I lost yet another decent early season fish- likely the biggest I would have ever had from this spot.  This time it jumped twice before spitting my blurple SP.  It took drag, and I had the drag tight after switching spools mid-week.  I know some of you probably won't believe me (pics or it didn't happen right?), but I swear it was true.  And boy was I swearing.

I had 1 other hit on a blurple SS darter working a small channel RIGHT at my feet.  Both happened on the tide switch, both happened within 5 minutes of each other, but were enough to keep me there for 2 more hours.

I thought my hands were going to fall off they were so cold.  Once back in the car, it took 45 minutes for them to stop tingling.

But at least there's fish around, I can confirm what others have been saying.

And I had a cool thing happen: I'm standing there fishing, and all of a sudden I see shadows moving off to my left.  It's DARK out- I can't see anything in my plug bag without my red light.  So it startles me to see the shadows moving.  I can't figure out what I'm seeing, but it looks like something crawling along the shore.  I'm a little freaked out, but then I realize it's two moderately sized wading birds.  They're coming RIGHT at me, I'm in the water up to my ankles.  They swim right up to me, I'm facing them and shore now, and swim- almost literally- right over my feet.  I could have grabbed both of them without even moving.  I even talked to them a little and they didn't even care.  They weren't mallards, I don't think they were even ducks, maybe grebes or some kind of small diving bird. Once they passed in front of me, they just continued on their path slowly walking/paddling along.  It was funny.