Slow Pick on a Bright Night

Slow pick last night, just a few fish, including 1 fish that was decent at 28" and change.  Super Strike Parrot darter wins the night.

I didn't end up getting to leave until almost two hours later than I wanted to last night, helping Carly with her new car, but at least I got out.  It was warm, calm night.  Well, relatively anyways.  About 53 degrees, and a 5-8mph S wind.

I fished the slack water and the start of the ebb- just a tad over two hours of fishing, but it was a work night and as it was I didn't get in bed until 1:30am.

First cast was with a Gibbs 2oz Danny (when it's calm, it's the first thing I go with) resulted in a blow up almost immediately.  Good, fish are here.  Second cast same thing.  Before I knew it I had a mag-darter on, assuming they were small fish, and was landing my first fish of the night- very small 22-23" fish.  Next cast savage hit that isn't converted to a fish.  Then, hook up and drop another small fish.

But then I thought, what are you doing?  Do you want to catch dinks?

On goes the super strike parrot darter, because the moon was SO bright.  And quiet, so I didn't want my loaded yellow over white (and didn't have my unloaded yellow over white).

It took two casts, but I tied into a slightly better fish at ~24" fish.  It's funny to see the darter on such a small fish- I mean look it's on his face not even near his mouth.

Not accomplishing my goal here...

Then, few casts later (after a few missed fish) I landed a better fish at about ~26".  Two casts later, another nearly identical or slightly larger.  No cows, but at least I'm going in the right direction?

Now the water is switching.  5 minutes later, I'm crawling the darter, gentle bump.  Set the hook hard.

Better fish, that's clear.  Not huge though.  Tussle with it, get it on the rocks, and it's definitely keeper size.

Well, by definitely I mean barely over 28, maybe 29.  I put tape on my rod so I could more quickly assess fish length.  Tape at 28, 32, 36, and 40" for easy measurements.

Current is moving now.  20 minutes goes by, no hit.  I test out a bottle plug and a weighted sluggo.  Then an SP minnow.

Then I move.  Find a nice perch and am casting right into a boulder field.  Nothing.  Moons so bright I can see all the detail on the bottom.

And that was it.  I tried the original spot again, and then a new one.  I was tired though, and was starting to think about the next couple days...it was time to leave.