Team Trip: Fire Island Prt III

Middle of June I headed to Long Island to fish and camp with fellow fisherman and friend Robin.  We fish the national sea shore, and hike all our stuff out there.  There’s really no fish, but that’s not really why we go.  It's about the experience, and it's always an experience.

It’s always an interesting trip, and two years ago I ended up getting a 4/0 treble hook shoved into my hand.  The year before, we almost ran out of water.  This year, we did catch a ton of blue fish…but Robin’s tent also ended up in the ocean.


So far behind

After debating whether to keep the blog private or public, and going back and forth and back and forth for a variety of reasons, I've decided to go back public again.  The blog may change a little, but it's mine and I can do what I want right?  Anyways, it's back for now.  I'll update from the past few weeks when I return from my trip to Long Island this weekend.  That will be a great post, I promise. 

Here's a poor picture..a teaser if you will...of another quality fish...May wasn't the worst month I've ever had...even if it was up and down.  I don't think the big fish have invaded MA with authority yet, and I think the best is yet to come in the next couple weeks.  So, if it's been up and down for you, stay strong and stay at it.