2lber on the 2wt

Family gathering in Maine this past weekend.  Brought 4 fly rods- 2, 4, 6, 8wt.  Didn't fish much (5 hours total over 3 days?), but ate a lot.  Friday night I was having fun catching big Sunnies from a sandy beach on my 2wt.  I was tossing a medium sized (#6) grasshopper.  Next thing I know, a huge maw is engulfing my fly.  The ensuing battle was fun and very surprising.  Two pound large mouth bass on a 2wt, 6.5ft, fly rod and 2lb tippet.


Caught a million sunnies with some over 1lb on the 2 and 4wts, a couple other bass on the 6wt, and some perch.  Nothing on the 8wt, no bucketmouths this time around like in times past.  My dad was conventional fishing and nabbed a couple bruiser 3-4lb pickerel, some perch, and a scrappy little bass.  It was a relaxing weekend.

This week it's finally back to surf fishing for a couple more weeks, then I am off for family reunions (yes, reunionS) couple weeks in a row.  The cicadas are singing and I can feel the summer slipping by.  It's been a very rough year, but I am slightly more rested after my break and re-enthused to get back out into the black and chase the cows again.