End of August

I'm busy and can't get caught up, so here's a quick end of August re-cap.

Aug 19/20 I fished north shore one night and south cape the next. I found very few fish- couple schoolies at each spot.  I did catch a very nice black fish- nearly 25"- on a bucktail.  I worked really hard on the North shore and stuck it out way longer than I wanted in hope that I'd catch incoming fish.  One dinky 20".  Ugh!  North shore has been TERRIBLE this year.  I mean everywhere has but the north shore especially has been truly terrible.  I think I'm honestly going to give up and stay south.  Very sad.

Aug 28 I fished a spot I know well.  It's been sucky.  Tonight, it was ok.  Well, for 2016 it was good really.  I caught 4 fish in the 27-28" range and a dozen more in the 20-25" range.  All on red gill teaser/mag darter combo.  It was REALLY REALLY dark out.  And I was freaked out due to my run in with the junky at the other spot weeks before.  I have never seen anyone here but still- it was DARK.  Stayed later than I wanted simply because I was hoping, foolishly, that something might happen and a big girl would show.  Yet, the fish only got smaller as the night progressed.

I am off for TWO weeks coming up and will report back.