Fishing still sucks, but I'm having some fun

Not much to report.  I've caught some small fish on teasers and on the fly rod every time I've gone out, but nothing even close to keeper size.  Every night I'm able to wrangle up a few little schoolies using my patterns- there's always a couple fish there, but instead of 20lbs they're 20".

It's the same from the north shore to the south cape for me.  Yes, I've heard of some fish in and near the canal.  Yes, I have heard of the huge blitz going on out at Nauset.  But I can't make that drive on a weekday, and I'm in Maine this weekend. I haven't been successful at the big fish spots, and I am trying to fish the tides as best I can.  I think a couple more weeks and we'll be in a different pattern and things could change.  For now, I'll just keep fishing as I can- 2-3 days a week.  And maybe add in a day or two fly fishing the local lakes when I can.

An interesting catch on Sunday morning at sunrise...not every day you catch one of these on a metal lip.

One things for sure, I'll be happy when it's finally labor day and all the vacationers are gone- damn fools need to cool it with the fires and fireworks and blasting music.  Going to get every beach, parking lot, and shoreline closed down from Maine to Florida.  Also fuck this weather, it's been so hot I've been ready to move to Alaska.  And finally: careful out on the highways folks.  You might end up in a speed trap like I did (my first speeding ticket ever), they've been out in force lately.