Vacation, the weekend and into week 2

I apologize for lack of pictures again, to restate: I lost my camera and all the pictures on it- it's sitting on the bottom of the ocean somewhere off the coast of the cape (more details on that soon)

So after a decent week and some accumulation of at least something, and by something I mean a couple dozen keepers and a couple fish in the high-teens and a trophy blue, I wanted a change of scenery.

So where to go?  I hadn’t seen my buddy Corey for a while, so I decided to see if he’d be around and we could fish the cape.  Turns out, he thought we’d have a good shot at some fish, so I made the drive to meet him.

As the sun set, and I was sitting in my car eating dinner about ½ way to meeting Corey, I get a short text from him.

“They’re here.  Fish every other cast.  Small, but they're here”.

I shoveled my food:  It wasn’t even dark yet.


Vacation, End of Week I

(I'll add pictures later this week
Edit: I lost all my pictures and camera in a tragic turn of events.  If you find an Olympus waterproof camera...with pictures of some really nice fish on it and an ugly bearded guy...contact me!)

Continuing from "Couple trips in the Hurricane":

So, now I have a clue of what’s going on.  So, the next day, I arrive at the first location even earlier, and the tide being earlier, I think I showed up right on time.  Wind is still blowing pretty good, but the surf has calmed down a bit and is less stained.  It’s still riled and a bit weedy, but much less compared to last night.

The last hour of day light was really fun.  I have awesome video of myself nailing 7 fish on top water between 24 and 31” and having at least twice that many blow ups, hook ups, and dropped fish in about 30-40 minutes of fishing.  Wouldn’t you love to see that?  Too bad, because it gives away where I’m fishing so I won’t show it!


Couple Trips in the Hurricane

Hermine.  Has to get things going right???

Yes, and no.