Couple Trips in the Hurricane

Hermine.  Has to get things going right???

Yes, and no.

Monday night North shore- shocker- nothing.  I had one hit and didn't land the fish, on a bottle plug.  The NE wind was HUMMING, 20 sustained, 30 gusts (guessing really).  I had a good tide.  Nothing.  Again, north shore is terrible.  I really had great conditions.  I know this place like the back of my hand.  If you're keeping fish, you best heed my reports, and start really think about why you're keeping them.  I spoke with a famous fisherman recently and he dissuaded me from visiting a famous fishing spot in the North East, because, quote "it's astonishing how few fish I've caught this year".  When I heard that, it was a real wake up call.  This guy is hard core, and when he says it sucks, I listen.  Why travel if the fishing sucks, save the money for other things.  Me?  I bought a new mountain bike and with the money I was going to use for that trip put a good down payment on it (if you race mountain bikes, having to finance won't be a surprise- bikes are EXPENSIVE).

OK, take two.

Cape.  I started out in the light- I'm on vacation- and fished a favorable tide.  Big wind and rollers coming in.  Rocking conditions, I was FIRED UP!  I love the rough stuff, and after a quick swim my adrenaline was pumping. I tried poppers for a hot minute, but it was NOT possible to get them to work in the weedy, windy, rough water.  I tried little neck and pencil.  When it was clear that wasn't an option, and my darter came back covered in 1/2 of the oceans kelp, there really was only one option left.  Bucktail.  Started with a 3/4oz, and moved up to 1.25oz with a 70s sea rind.  First cast with this combo nailed me a 29"ish fish.  It's great catching fish during the day I will admit it.  I love fishing at night, but day time you get to see how they act when hooked.  This fish went psycho, with the current really put up a good fish- I think the ~30" fish fight the hardest.  They don't put up the best fight because they're smaller, but if you scaled their gusto to a 40" or 50" fish I don't think we'd ever land any!  Anyways, after a quick release, nothing for about 15 minutes.  Then, again in the same spot, roughly, I had a solid hit and a very good hook up.  Hard run from this fish and it felt good!  I was using the big boy rod and even against my tight drag the fish took line against the current.  I was thinking 20lb bass, but it didn't feel right.  Then I saw the tail.  BIG blue fish.  My personal best.  With the weed on the line and the current it was like trying to drag a bucket through the current.  I was all fired up as I pulled the big gator onto the rock, she was between 33 and 34".  I know guys in Long Island don't care for blues, but because I fish so infrequently during the day, and catch so few- I love them!  This guy was a beauty.  A true gator.

picture makes it look small but I promise she was 34".  VS200 gives a little perspective at least.  Can't even see the bucktail she swallowed it!

Then, I fished for almost 2 more hours and had 0 hookups but I  moved around and probably shouldn't have.  I decided to ditch this area and go to another.  I got to this next location around slack and first cast my bucktail was nailed by a 29/30" fish, nearly at my feet.  Sweet!  I then had 4 or 5 hits and a couple hook ups and I lost two pork rinds.  I'm guessing blue fish but strange to have them in thick like this at night.  Or at least in my experience at this spot (although I don't know it that well yet).

Side bar- tumble weed Tuesday.  Amazing how relaxing it is to have no one around after labor day.  Traffic is nill, parking is easy.  It's fantastic.  I love September!

So I keep fishing.  Wind is still screaming, even though weather app is claiming it's 9-12mph it's a solid 20mph.

Anyways, I ended up landing two other fish.  One 25" and one 28".  I lost a few more as well.  One felt decent.  How am I losing fish on bucktails???

2016.  Fuck this season.

20 minutes went by and the current started moving.  I'm thinking of leaving, I've been out now for 5 hours and ate dinner 7 hours ago- I'm hungry, thirsty, tired.  But!  I stick it out, and BANG solid hook up.  Couple short runs against my tight drag- helped by the current- and I beach a beautiful mid teen fish.  Fat, fat, fat.  Nearly tripped and went head first into the drink trying to let her go, oops.

After that I stuck it out another 80 minutes for a couple short hits- and a pork rind chopped in half.  I can't believe how the blues can do that.  You can't even rip them off with pliers, yet they snip them like nothing!

Bed at 3am.  Slept until noon.  Going to be a weird week.