It's been bad/really hard

A lot of views recently of the blog.  I assume that means you're looking at it hoping for some information on what's going on.  That might mean it's been tough for you too.

Well, don't look here.  I'm on trip #7 of skunks.  From the South Shore to the South Cape, to RI, to Outer Cape.  I've been every where.  I've seen two fish caught, but haven't had a hit in 5 trips and haven't landed a fish in 6.  I've fished inlets and ocean beach and pounding surf and river mouths.  It's demoralizing.  It's sucked.  I feel like it's Mid-November, not Mid-October.  And I'm going at it like it's mid-May.  I haven't backed down the intensity at all, and I don't plan to.  Not until after Veterans day, maybe after Thanksgiving.  I'll work hard for every single fish- the winter is long.


Chill in the Air

It was cold this past week/weekend.  And windy as hell.  At least the tail end of the week and into the first of this week.  Been a while since I fished into 45mph+ gusts.  I didn’t do all that great.  One night last week I waited until slack tide, everything felt right, and when the hit came I was ready.  I was using a Mike Custom Pikie, and I set the hook HARD….and flung the poor little striper right out of the water.  He was all of 16-18”.  Aggressive little guy, I actually looked him right in the eye, and gave him a little pep talk- “keep up the good work little guy, go grow up, fall in love, and make more aggressive little stripers”.  I think he listened, because when I put him in the water (carefully) he splashed me pretty good.

It did get better after that...but nothing to write home about...


A couple of cows

 After Cuttyhunk- that went both very well and also pretty terribly (nearly ending in death for the author of this post)- I was smoked.   There is a books worth of stories from that single trip, and I'll save them for the winter.

I did fish the next weekend, but the first night was a skunk, and the next night resulted in only 1 fish at ~27/28" and a brief hook up with a big blue that cut me off.  It felt pointless after Cuttyhunk.  I was so exhausted after the two weeks of hard fishing and then trying to get back into the swing at work that I just couldn't do more than that.  DJ Muller just wrote in the SCJ about pushing to the limit and how it will ruin any experience of fishing for you.  I was at that point.  I felt sick all the time and was absolutely crushed.  I think I was also, sincerely, was suffering from depression because I was so sad to not be still fishing and stepping back into a shit storm at work.  I was angry and apathetic and unmotivated to do anything.

So I caught up on sleep the whole week, re-focused at work and got a lot done, got some exercise and lots of regular healthy food, and then BOOM the new moon was upon me, and I wanted to hit it hard.  There was a spring in my step going into mid-week, and I knew I was ready to go back at it.  Here's the re-cap.  It was pretty damn good.


The one that got away, a Vlog

I'm going to try this out.  Carly insisted that I give it a try.  Enjoy.
[And by crimps I meant barbs, I'm not sure where my mind was- I CRIMP my barbs, but without a good hookset, you're screwed is what I meant; Also by by "give me" the darters, I meant offered for me to buy a few before they listed them.  Again, I don't get anything from these guys, I just like supporting a good local business.  If you have to buy it, you might as well buy it from someone local].