It's been bad/really hard

A lot of views recently of the blog.  I assume that means you're looking at it hoping for some information on what's going on.  That might mean it's been tough for you too.

Well, don't look here.  I'm on trip #7 of skunks.  From the South Shore to the South Cape, to RI, to Outer Cape.  I've been every where.  I've seen two fish caught, but haven't had a hit in 5 trips and haven't landed a fish in 6.  I've fished inlets and ocean beach and pounding surf and river mouths.  It's demoralizing.  It's sucked.  I feel like it's Mid-November, not Mid-October.  And I'm going at it like it's mid-May.  I haven't backed down the intensity at all, and I don't plan to.  Not until after Veterans day, maybe after Thanksgiving.  I'll work hard for every single fish- the winter is long.

Waters still warm.  Bait is thick, in places at least.  Fish ARE being caught both North and South of me.  I heard whispers the canal is off the chain.  But, where I fish, all I've found is dead water.  The fall remains, maybe forever, a little bit of a mystery for me.  I think there's a lot of fish that are still going to be coming through, but that's the thing.  They don't set up.  They just pass through.  So if it happens on a Tuesday at 5am...I'm not there.  Thursday at 1pm...I'm not there.  Can't be.  Live too far from the water.

Lot's of wind shifts this week.  Going to try and capitalize on that starting Wednesday, maybe Thursday, as I can't get out before that.

I'll report back, as always.  Stay strong, and if you're catching, relish in it.  Because it could dry up at any moment.