A case of the blues

Big blues in RI, if you haven't heard.  Woke up at 4am on Saturday morning to head to So. Co.

Found myself in among maybe 6 or 8 other casters as the sun started to rise.  Then there were 10.  Then 15.  And suddenly, there was a guy hooked up.  Then another.

Almost everyone was blasting SS little necks in the 3 sizes as hard as they could.  I was suprised to see guys throwing the small size ones.  Maybe I was missing something here.  I stuck with the 2 3/8 classic, in yellow over white...because I lost my all white one and haven't got a replacement yet.

Soon enough, moments before the sun broke the horizon, we were all hooked up on monster blues between at the very smallest end 10lbs up to fish the size the one I hooked which was mid-30"s so definitely well into the teens.  Poppers were taking most fish.  Mine hit no more than 30 feet in front of me, and jumped 6 times, tail walking twice.  Took off taking drag too.  Of the 15 guys, all but maybe 3 had fish, and I saw no one catch more than 3.  I had two.  It was a short crash of the beach.

Unfortunately, my big bruiser died.  Bled out somehow, even though the hooks were in it's face.  I have to assume when it hit I ripped a gill somehow.  Sad.  You probably don't care, but I do.  One thing if I could have ate it, but I had 4 hours more of fishing and then 90 minutes of driving to go.

After she floated up, I walked down the beach and pulled her out.  A guy with a Wal-Mart rod was there, and he hadn't been able to cash in on the blue blitz.  So I told him he could have the fish.  He was excited, grabbed it, and left immediately.  Good.

Lots of blitzes of blues, bass, and ablies all throughout the So. Co.  Just...too far out.  I saw fishing SMASHING bait, birds on them.  I found birds in tight too- just no fish.  I fly fished for a while too, nothing.  Tons of potential, which kept me interested....for a while.  11 I called it quits, and headed for my rig.

I did have a nice chat with a 79 year old fly fisherman named Bob.  We ended up chatting for at least a half hour.  That was nice, we had a shocking lot in common.

So many jag-offs around though.  I can't stand So. Co. during the day, it's a nightmare.  I didn't go back Sunday.  I need sleep.  I don't need to stand shoulder to shoulder with 30 guys throwing SS little necks.

Still can't find any fish in MA, and I gave it a couple go's last week.  Maybe it really is over for us in MA.  Doubt it.  But I can't figure it out either.  I won't be out local this week, heading to MECCA on Thursday.  Stay tuned.